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9.1. What IS Coach’s Leadership?

It is helpful when exploring the concept of coaching to first understand ‘Coach’s Leadership’. When you completed your Sources of Sports Confidence Questionnaire at the start of the programme, you may have seen the definition:

Coach’s Leadership is defined as:

‘A source of confidence derived from believing in one’s coach’s skills in decision-making and leadership’.

Exercise:  Track Back // Duration: 5 mins

Take just a few minutes to look back at your answers to the section of the questionnaire devoted to Coach’s Leadership.  It may be that this all felt very clear to you at the time, or you may have felt confused or wanted more answers to this section.  Can you remember what you felt or thought?  Leave some comments in the comments box to refresh your memory and share with others.

The fundamentals of Coaching Leadership & Confidence

When we work with a coach we believe in, who we trust to lead us in the right direction, who is experienced and suited to our personal needs, we feel inspired and develop confidence as a climber.

Thinking about coaching you’ve experienced in the past, do you recognise any of these things as being important?

Some of this is about intuition; ‘believing’ or ‘trusting’ that someone is right for us. There are elements that we can pin down and explore including experience and matching coaching styles to our own. As we progress through this unit, we will explore these things.

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