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9.9. Module Review

Well done.  You are progressing brilliantly through the modules – using your growth mindset to learn, grow your brain and become more knowledgeable about yourself, learning to be more confident in the process.  By completing this module, you have given yourself care and attention.  In this busy world, dedicating time to self-development can be hard to do. You have done well to put in the effort and time to complete this module.  

The purpose of this module was:

  • To learn about the concept of ‘Coach’s Leadership’
  • To learn more about coaching in a general sense
  • To understand the benefits of choosing the right coach to help you improve climbing confidence

You should now:

  • Understand the concept of coaching leadership
  • Understand the difference between formal and informal coaching
  • Recognise how coaching could benefit you personally
  • Understand how to find an appropriate coach

If you feel there is any aspect that you’re not confident on, you can go back at any time to review and revisit this module.

Congratulations on your hard work.

You’re near to the end of the programme.  How is your progress?

Please tell us what worked well for you and what didn’t:

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Well done. Module 9 is ticked off!

Where is the next module?

The course is being delivered in sections so that we don’t overwhelm you. You will get an email about module two in a few days from now when it will be unlocked for you. If you are revisiting the course, you may already have access to other modules or courses. To access these, to access bookmarks and update your profile please go to the main membership area.