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What people love

About our workshops

“The small group, it meant we could all contribute to everything.”

“it made me enthusiastic to get climbing”

“The supportive and inclusive atmosphere, with everyone working together and sharing ideas/advice”

“Relaxed atmosphere informed. Open.”

“I liked it! It was thought-provoking, especially rating my own coping strategies”

“It made me reflect on my motivations for climbing in a way I have never done before..”

About our trips

“I loved basically everything! The facilities, the people, the coaching, everything!!”

“The mix of people, the environment, the coaches, the food, it was all amazing. I don’t know how Emily did it, but it was truly an amazing atmosphere being there, and so many individual journeys. I was just expecting to do some climbing and meet some new people, but this was on another level.”

“Team atmosphere Lovely coaches Great vibes Great food Gateway to adventure for those who want to be born ready, but need a little help being brave enough to climb outside the UK!!!”

About our meetups

“Meeting new people”

“Relaxed atmosphere”

“Sharing ideas”

“Encouragement to do something different at the climbing wall”


“Meeting like-minded women”


For beginners, indoor climbers, trad climbers, sport climbers and everything in between.

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