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Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer Review // Mountain Warehouse

Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer Review // Mountain Warehouse

Merino Base layer Mountain Warehouse Size 8Love…

The design, the fit, the fabric.


£49.99 now reduced to £12.99. Having done a little research prior to this review I can confirm that this garment, even at full price, is competitive. At the sale price it is an incredibly good purchase.  £50 is about the starting point for Merino tops of this type, so this packs a lot of punch.   Here’s why:


Merino Base layer Mountain WarehouseThis baselayer top in size 8 weighs 150g. The design is really great. It has extra length at the back to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your trousers. The detailing around the cuff, neck and bottom of the garment is all well finished and nicely designed. The stitching detail makes it feel like it should cost more than it does.

Merino Base layer Mountain Warehouse BackFit

The fit of this is perfect. The fabric stretches the right amount across the bust, but it has retained its shape well with quite a few washes. It fits snugly, but isn’t too tight. Sometimes the chest is too tight for us climbers on tops like this, but this one is well proportioned. The arms are a perfect length too. I wonder whether it may be too short for anyone who is a little taller, but that is something individuals would have to check in their own size. For me it fits perfectly.


This top worked perfectly in my layering system on a recent 12 mile walk out on the hills in Wales. When it got too warm it was so well designed that it worked as a top in its own right. When the temperature dropped it worked as a baselayer underneath a fleece and waterproof. I am not sure how effective it would be at very low temperatures, but my feeling is that it would function well within a well organised system.

The Itch: I have a terrible time with wool clothing due to the itch. When I first put this on I thought ‘I bet I can’t bear to wear this’, but it didn’t itch at all. I am really impressed with this aspect of the garment.

Merino Base layer Wool InformationDurability

I am very impressed with the durability of this top. As someone who has very little time, my clothes have to be able to withstand being chucked in a machine with numerous other items. I have to confess I thought that one of my washing escapades would signal the end of this top, but no, it came out the other side almost the same as it went in.   It’s probably had about seven or eight washes and there is a small amount of bobbling, but definitely less than I’ve experienced with other items.

Merino Base layer 31Value for Money

Even at full price this base layer is good value for money, in my opinion, when you consider the market in which it sits. At the sale price it is an incredible bargain!

The Verdict

Absolutely brilliant merino base layer with super styling, super functionality and a great fit.

To find this go to Mountain Warehouse and search ‘Merino Women’s Round Neck Long Sleeve top’.

By Emily Pitts

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