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Monday Motivation: First indoor climb at 99!

Monday Motivation: First indoor climb at 99!

Think you’re too old to learn new tricks?! How about this amazing 99-year old grandma who just did her first indoor climb…

For Tim Dobson, watching his grandma tie in and start her first ever climb was probably not the calmest moment of his life. Especially 3 days after Christmas, when the common feeling is often one of sluggish reluctance to climb off the sofa, never mind the top of a route.

Not for Greta. With her 69-year old daughter Judith belaying, and watched carefully by climber-grandson Tim, she calmly made her way up her first top-rope route at Manchester Climbing Centre.

Greta Plowman at Manchester Climbing Centre. Photo by Tim Dobson


Greta, who has never climbed before, said afterwards “It was marvelous! Really exciting! My fingers ached a bit, but I learnt to push more with my feet and that made all the difference.

“It was such a thrilling experience to get the top. I’m very thankful to Judith and Tim for supporting me and making this wonderful experience happen.”

Judith added: “I think she has stronger hands than she thinks – she’s often using handrails to pull herself up and pushing down. Anyone who can climb the stairs can climb – and Greta proved that today.”

She was asking me if she did good for someone her age, I said the average person her age was dead, and so she was definitely slightly above average”.

Greta’s past adventures include sailing across the channel in an open dinghy, so she’s not exactly a stranger to exciting challenges.

Manchester Climbing Centre Owner John Dunne said “I think Greta holds the record for the oldest climber in the centre. She proves that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what shape of body you have or how fit you feel you are, climbing is for everyone.’

Manchester Climbing Centre will also host our first monthly indoor meetup on Monday 14th January! Check our facebook event page for more details.

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