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My 25 Best Adventures // Emily Pitts

Sometimes the best adventures are the small ones or the unplanned ones or the ones that aren’t even meant to be adventures.  Adventures don’t have to be in ‘the outdoors’, they can be expeditions of the mind, to new places, exploring different kinds of thinking. At Women Climb we’ve been reflecting on what our most interesting adventures have been. Here it’s Emily Pitts’ turn to list her best adventures, in no particular order:

  1. Went camping for the first time aged 31
  2. Stayed in a camping barn in the Lake District on my own
  3. Took my daughter camping with her friend, on my own, when I wasn’t an experienced camper
  4. Bivvied out in the lakes – with people I had never met, on my first meet with the KMC
  5. Walked to the summit of Snowdon via crib Goch witb a great group from KMC
  6. Summited Ben Nevis via the CMD arête, solo
  7. Stayed in a camping pod in Wasdale, Lake District – really good fun
  8. Went to the top of kinder with daughter Jasmine, aged 9
  9. Roller skated across the Netherlands, for less than £10 a day
  10. Went on a school ski trip and fell in love with mountains and snow
  11. Went climbing trees with my friend Natasha
  12. Protested the Iraq war, in Manchester
  13. Cycled to dance lessons and back for a whole summer, aged 14
  14. Went running training on a Friday night into Manchester city centre
  15. Trekked Kilimanjaro:  this was the hardest physical and mental thing I’ve done
  16. Ran a marathon distance, very slowly (with Emma Timmis, in Mozambique)
  17. Went on a midnight date in the middle of winter in a country park, with a flask of hot chocolate
  18. A 4.5km recovery walk with mum and child on Bleaklow, in the Peak District
  19. Learnt to ride a horse
  20. Ran a 10k
  21. Explored the slate quarries in Llanberis
  22. Went self employed – a scary step with a young child to look after
  23. Ran a half marathon
  24. Took Jasmine to the Alps for a fortnight camping, on the sleeper train
  25. Took a sailing lesson and loved it
  26. Went on a climbing adventure to the isle of Skye
  27. Took a 3am ride on a ski-slope piste basher

Ok, so it’s 27, not 25, but you get the idea.

Will you share you your adventures with us?  Leave us a comment with your best adventures.  What’s been most memorable and why? 

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