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My Best Adventures Part 1 // Emily Thompson

My Best Adventures Part 1 // Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson is a Mountain Leader with a thirst for adventure, remoteness and fun.  As part of our ‘Best Adventures’ series,  Emily shares some of her best adventures.  Here’s part one of three:

First Solo Wild Camp

In the Moelwyns North Wales. I hiked up Cnicht and camped just below the Moelwyns in a very small tent. I love the feeling of being out on my own in the middle of nowhere with no one around. That night at 9pm a RAF Search helicopter hovered nearby for ages, I was immediately worried that someone had reported me missing as I’d left my car in a car park! I got up and set off walking at 7am which meant I was on the Moelwyn ridge at sunrise and back to my car as people were heading off for the day. I loved this feeling of achievement – having climbed a mountain before most people have had breakfast!

Night Navigation in Wales

On my ML assessment. I had loads of confidence about navigation through having lots of practice in the dark, so it was an enormous sense of success to be leading a group in the dark back to our wild camp spot.

Jungle Trek in Cambodia

Possibly the shortest multiday trek I’ve done (only 3 days) but easily the most stressful. It was extremely humid so I was dripping sweat, I had leeches crawling over my feet and into my boots and had nightmares of being eaten alive in my hammock as I tried to sleep! It was however amazing to be out with local people in ChiPhat who use jungle treks as a eco tourism and staying with a local family in their home was the most amazing part of the trip.


First Fell Run

In the rain in the dark on the King of the Hill 5km timed Challenge race. I’m not a quick runner and while I like racing, I have no desire to win – I run for myself and the personal challenge. I love running on fells rather than roads, and love being in the dark outdoors – but it was a bit of a challenge running uphill in the dark with an inadequate torch!


I’d wanted to climb Kili since I was little. It was the first time I had climbed at high altitude so I was totally unprepared and unaware of the potential effects it might have on me. I climbed from the Northern route which was amazing to head to Mawenzi tarn first and a great way to acclimatize. The route itself itsn’t actually difficult or strenuous, its the altitude which is the big challenge. Being able to climb this high made me want to push myself further.

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