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New Climber Sessions

We know just how hard it can feel to get into climbing and get to know the skills. That’s why we are putting on a series of new climber sessions for you to get the skills you need to climb independently. There are two types of session:

Taster Session

Here, you will get to give climbing a go as a one-off. You can only attend this session once. After that, you can sign onto a New Climber Session to learn the skills of independent climbing.

New Climber Session

New climber sessions will teach you the skills you need to tie in and belay safely and independently.

What will I learn?

You will learn to:

  • Tie a figure 8 knot
  • Identify knots incorrectly tied
  • Put on a harness correctly
  • Identify issues with a harness
  • Belay using a belay device/ belay plate/ ATC
  • Lower climbers after their climb
  • Communicate effectively with your climbing partner
  • Climbing centre hazards
  • Bouldering safety & hazards
  • Other relevant safety information

How many sessions will I sign up for?

Usually you will be required to attend 3 x 2 hour sessions in an evening, or a full day session outdoors to gain the skills and recall required to be a confident independent climber.

New Climber Sessions & Tasters: Dates – Coming Soon

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