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New – TLC

New – TLC

The Learning Corner (TLC) is about helping you find out what other, ordinary climbers are up to in their lives.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel isolated or like you’re the only person experiencing the highs and lows of the climbing world.

Penny 3So, we are kicking off with a contribution from Penny Harvey.  Penny is a friend of Womenclimb, just like you and every other person who comes to the blog to read stuff and find information.  Basically, if you read the blog, you’re our friend and we want to hear from you.  Every week we will publish a new TLC story – to do that we want your story: your highs, your lows…. the good, the bad and the ugly.  You don’t have to be a hard climber or a regular climber, just a climber of some sort, who can answer a few of our questions.

Do it now: TLC Profile Template

Why have we called it TLC?

TLC is about being nice to yourself.  Allowing yourself some time to find out about other, real climbers and learning about their lives and their climbing, might help you in some way in your climbing life. It’s a treat to find other people who have experienced the same things and to share your ideas.  Please comment on our TLC posts and send your own in.  Go on, we dare you… do it now… Sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know when we post new stuff you might like.

Emily & the Womenclimb team


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