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BMC Vote: Option A all the way – here is why

BMC Vote: Option A all the way – here is why


If you are a BMC member it is important that you vote.

We support option A and here’s why:

The BMC is a membership organisation. It means that if you pay for BMC membership or if you are a member of an affiliated climbing club, then you have a say in how it’s run. There are some very big changes proposed at this year’s AGM. Your vote and the vote of your friends could make all the difference.

What is Option A

The BMC gets some of its income from Sport England.  This income supports crucial work for young climbers, hillwalkers, equality work and much more. To be able to continue to get this income, there are some changes to governance needed. The only way to guarantee this continued funding is to vote for option A. This option is designed to ensure the BMC meets the good governance criteria set out by Sport England. It’s also an all-round good thing for the BMC to be effectively governed!

For Option A to go ahead 75% of voters must vote for this option.

Womenclimb supports Option A


Option A is the best way for the BMC to move forward, represent members and remain as the national representative body and national governing body. It gives explicit consent for secure online voting, which we believe is helpful in engaging more people in the democratic process.

Why is there an option B?

Option B is supported by a very small minority of people. Out of 85,000 members, fewer than 30 people are now thought to be actively supporting this option as named proposers.  They are BMC members, so their voice counts and this is why Option B is on the ballot paper. We believe that option B will reduce accountability and prevent positive change.

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