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Outdoor Meetup Success

Outdoor Meetup Success

Excited climbers joined the first official Womenclimb Meetup at Stanage Popular End to meet new climbing partners, learn new tricks and gain confidence in their outdoor climbing as the UK trad climbing season kicks off, now the clocks have gone forward.

Here’s what we got up to:

We had fun! If you’ve never climbed outdoors, then the following descriptions might sound like complete nonsense, so skip through and enjoy the photos. It was a great day and a brilliant start to our official outdoor meets programme.

Laura & Becci started off on a couple of VDiffs, moving onto Severes including the 2-star Stanage classic Right-hand Trinity (S 4b). Laura has recently completed her RCI training and is raring to go, building up her bank of severe grade climbs, so she can go forward to assessment. Meanwhile, Becci, who is a Womenclimb volunteer running the Preston area monthly meetup, has been building up her climbing skills on evenings and weekends, resulting in her cruising up routes all day long.

Laura and Becki in the sunshine after the snow flurry

Chrissy brought along her young protege, Connie, aged 13, who sauntered up everything she was put on, leading Christmas Crack (HS 4a) with strength and style. She is definitely one to watch.

Connie on Christmas Crack

Adele and Joan had a ‘fun’ day trying to push the grade, as I thrutched my way up some routes with my new found climbing partner Danielle who seemed to make it look easy (isn’t that often the way, when things seem really difficult?). Daljit, who was feeling a bit nervous on an expose part of Anatomy (VDiff), was amazing, pushing through the fear and completing the climb with grit and great technique. It was impressive to watch her complete the climb.

Daljit coming up in style

Sometimes it can feel a bit intimidating to join a new group or to climb with people who you don’t know, so the best thing about today’s meet is that everyone was warm, friendly and welcoming. I had an amazing day, with brilliant, funny people, who I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to meet if this meet hadn’t happened. Thank you, amazing women.

Emily Pitts – CEO and Meet Leader

If you think you’d like to get better climbing outdoors and you’d like to meet other women and build your network, then join Womenclimb and become part of the movement – For women, by women.

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Emily Pitts

Womenclimb CEO & Meet Leader

  • christine
    April 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Thank you so much Emily for organising this. Connie and I had so much fun and felt so welcomed by you all. I look forward to the next Peaks gathering with great anticipation!!! What a lovely bunch of women at WomenClimb.
    Love and Hugs,

  • Sam
    April 16, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    What a brilliant start to the outdoor meets! Well done you lot!

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