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Outdoor Meetups

The Womenclimb meetups programme is designed for YOU!

How Outdoor Meetups Work

Womenclimb Outdoor Meetups are for Womenclimb members who climb at all levels. The meetups are peer-led, which means that unless you sign up for a specific instructed course, there is no instruction. You attend the meetup as an individual who is responsible for making your own decisions about your safety and the safety of those with whom you climb. The climbing experience you have will also help you choose what ticket type is best suited for you at the meetup.

Meetup Ticket Types


If you are a trad climber with experience and you lead at any grade from Mod+, sign up for a ‘Lead’ space.


If you are an outdoor climber with experience and skills in seconding, including taking out trad gear, sign up for a ‘Seconder’ space.


If you are able to tie in using a figure of 8 knot and you can safely belay and hold climber falls, sign up for a ‘Climber’ space.


If you have never climbed outdoors before, are new to climbing or aren’t yet able to tie in or belay, sign up for an instructed course that introduces you to the outdoors and the different skills you will need. We run Get Started Climbing courses at over 50% of our meetups.

The Womenclimb Vibe

At all of our meetups the environment is friendly and supportive, with a focus on skill and knowledge sharing, so that you can learn the skills to become an independent trad climber or push your climbing to the next level. We run some sport climbing meetups, but as trad climbing is a UK tradition and there are many more trad crags, trad is the focus of many of our meetups. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our article about the different types of climbing.

One of the best things about our meetups is the supportive and sharing atmosphere. we encourage people to help each other to pass on the skills they have learnt from others. This helps everyone get better and makes people feel great.

What women say about our meetups...

“I came along to a meetup as a total beginner outdoors – everyone was really lovely and friendly. I felt really safe and able to take things at my own pace in the instructed session and the more experienced climbers were really encouraging and patient. Can’t wait for the next one! Great day with lovely women :)”

Ruth Lane

“An amazing community of supportive and encouraging women where everyone is celebrated and appreciated. From beginners to experienced climbers, the environment supports growth. Going to my first meetup was most definitely a step that lead me to a beautiful chain of rewarding events.”

Sofia Das

“I struggled to find an affordable way to get into climbing until I found womenclimb! As a member after my training I climbed in peer groups for free, this also fosters a hugely supportive network with loads of mentoring for women at all levels of climbing ability. It really has been a massive boost to my confidence.”

Yvette Rose, 44 years (climbing since April 2019)

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