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Promote an Event

Do you have an event or activity that you would like to promote through Womenclimb?

Womenclimb is about training, supporting and connecting women climbers.  As part of this ethos we share events and activities that could benefit women climbers, though blog posts and on our social media platforms.

To promote your event with our engaged climbing community, you’ll be happy to know it takes just a couple of simple steps and that we offer it as a free service, with just a small admin fee to cover the very basics that help keep Womenclimb running.

Your event will be:

  • Published in a blog post that will appear on the Home page of the website
  • Shared with our community on Facebook
  • Shared with our followers on Twitter
  • Shared on Instagram*

Complete the information in the form below, then use the quick and easy Paypal link to submit your admin fee of £20.  Your event will be listed within 72 hours of your submission.

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    Phone no.

    Business Name (if applicable)

    Event Title*

    Event Location (incl. address & postcode)*

    Date of Event*

    Time of Event*

    Cost of Event*

    Is this Women-only?* Women OnlyMixed

    How to book a place*

    Blog Post Title (if you have a specific title you would like us to use)

    Event Description*

    What Will Women Gain from Attending?

    Where can they find More Information?*

    Other Information

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    Please submit 2 photographs min. size 740px x 400px to: submissions@womenclimb.co.uk

    *For Instagram sharing, please provide a square image prepared ready for posting, including your event details.