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Rab Chockstone Pants Review // By Ellie Fuller

Rab Chockstone Pants Review // By Ellie Fuller

” The Chockstone Pants are intended for climbing. I like them a lot as casual trousers, but they didn’t perform as well as I’d hoped as climbing trousers. There just wasn’t enough flexibility in them and they restricted movement too much. “

The Chockstone Pants are a great pair of trousers, but don’t quite have the ‘give’ for gritstone climbing! Photo Charlie Low

The Fit

I ordered the Chockstone Pants in a size 12, which is usually slightly on the big side, but with these the fit was quite tight from the start. The material isn’t stretchy and while they are comfortable enough for walking around in, there isn’t enough stretch or give to allow any kind of high step…not so good for climbing!

I did manage a high heel hook in them the other day, as pictured below, but it wasn’t the most comfortable experience and I felt like something might rip at any moment.

The tough material of the Chockstone Pants is good for gritstone climbing, but they aren’t quite flexible enough to feel perfect for high heel hooks. Photo: Charlie Low


Initially, I would have thought these would be perfect for bouldering, but since realising their lack of stretch I would say I’d probably prefer to take them up easy trad routes! Even then, they’re not ideal as the harness gets in the way of the pockets and they’re not zippered. The Chockstone Pants are pretty tough though, they’re fairly thick and can take a good bit of abrasion, so if you don’t mind the lack of flexibility, they do make good all-round outdoor climbing trousers. 


The overall design of the chockstone pant is really nice and they come in a lovely rich dark blue or light blue. They have slightly fitted knees, and stitching at the ankle. I like the drawstring at the ankles as you can then opt for drawn-in or straight legged. Apart from the fact that they are not very flexible, they are lovely trousers and are great for general, casual use.

Ellie enjoying her Chockstone Pants on the gritstone! Photo: Charlie Low


Although the Chockstone Pants look great, they’re simply not flexible enough to deal comfortably with most climbing. Perhaps stick to these as a pair to wear more for casual use, not to the crag!

RRP: £70


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