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Rab Rampage Jacket Review // By Ellie Fuller

Rab Rampage Jacket Review // By Ellie Fuller

” While I certainly fell for the cosy Alpha Flux Jacket, the Rampage is 100% my favourite jacket ever. It does everything you could ever need from an all-round jacket, and does it all extremely well. Plus… it looks amazing; as good on the rock as down at the pub. “

The turquoise and purple colour combo of the Rampage jacket is a match made in heaven. Photo: Charlie Low

The Fit

The Rampage is a really comfortable jacket that’s not close fitting, but drawn in at the elasticated wrists and at the hem with a drawcord. It also has a high collar which makes it feel cosy, and I particularly love the soft elasticated wrists with thumb loops. The soft inner layer also means it’s nice to wear over bare arms, if you’re just throwing it on over a vest or a t-shirt in milder weather.

” Importantly the hood actually fits well over a helmet….oh the number of jackets where this has not been the case! “

If you’re unsure between two sizes, I would recommend going for the slightly larger. I got a size 12; it fits really nicely over a t-shirt and is big enough to layer a fleece under.

The thumb loops on the Rampage Jacket make it extra comfortable! Photo: Charlie Low


The Rampage Jacket works well as a mid-layer and as an outer layer, depending on what the weather is doing.

If it’s one of those days where it can’t make up its mind, then this is the jacket you need!

Although it’s not a waterproof layer, it can handle drizzle if you get caught out mid-route. Once the sun comes out again, it dries fast and maintains breathability well. One thing I was pleasantly surprised about was how well it kept the wind out. It’s a relatively thin layer, but you need not fear the windiest of belays in this!

It’s not as warm than the Alpha Flux Jacket, but it’s more wind and water resistant. It is also generally more durable and can handle rougher treatment. I always choose the Rampage jacket for rock climbing and scrambling, as well as other activities where the material will take a bit more abrasion. It’s performed incredibly well, despite being a thin layer with potential to tear, but it remains remarkably unscathed. 


Apart from its all-round usefulness, this is a pretty sweet-looking jacket. The purple and dark teal green of the ‘Dark Jade/Berry’ option are an inspired combination. There is a lovely bright orange and pink option too. Its stylish look makes this jacket is even more versatile and I’ll frequently wear it just out and about.

” I like it so much that I want to wear it even when I’m not doing anything even slightly extreme or exciting. “

The Chockstone Pants paired with the Rampage Jacket make a great combination! Photo: Charlie Low


The Rampage Jacket not only looks amazing, but doubles as an incredibly versatile mid to outer layer that will keep the wind and the drizzle out, add warmth, whilst also standing up to test of being durable enough to climb in! It isn’t insulated, so it’s perhaps not such a good choice if it’s very cold, however, for changeable conditions from Spring through to Autumn it’s perfect.

RRP: £140


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