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Reasons to become a Womenclimb member

Reasons to become a Womenclimb member

  • Have you ever felt like you can’t find the right climbing partner?
  • Would you like to climb more and get better at climbing?
  • Do you want a confidence boost?
  • Have you hit a climbing plateau?

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Womenclimb membership is here to help with these things and more. Here are our top 9 reasons to become a Womenclimb member today.

1. Get to know amazing people

Everyone knows that experiences are built on who is around. If you’ve ever struggled to find a climbing partner or a tribe to belong to, then Womenclimb can help you build networks with great people. Become part of our exclusive member-only worldwide community and you will have access to over a thousand women (and growing) on facebook just like you who want to climb more. By becoming a Womenclimb member, you expand your networks and create amazing opportunities.  

2. Get healthy & fit with like-minded people

Feeling fit and healthy makes you feel good. That’s what we want.

You will have access to events, training and workshops around the UK where you can get to know other female climbers in a warm, welcoming and well-organised environment. Womenclimb is big – we have over 10,000 followers, which means that whatever you want from climbing, we can support you to achieve it and to find your niche, whether that’s beginners who want to learn more quickly or experienced climbers who want more from their climbing life.

3. Boost your confidence

You will have access to exclusive downloads and top tips to help you boost your confidence, which you can implement when you attend our free indoor meetups. Our industry leading workshops, including ‘Climb with Confidence’ bring together the very best from sports psychology professionals, tailored for women climbers, with practical ways to apply the tips. You will go away from our workshops not just with more knowledge, but knowing what to do and when, to get more confident in your climbing.

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4. Find solutions to your climbing problems

Everything we do is designed to help you with your climbing problems, whether that’s wobbly footwork or lack of a climbing buddy. We are focussed on helping you to solve your climbing problems through high-quality information, well-organised events and easy-to-implement resources that get to the root of your needs.

5. Enjoy the experience

Life is here to enjoy. Chances are if you climb, you like to escape and do something a bit different. Join our club!!

If you want to travel to new climbing venues and meet new people in a safe and friendly way, you can do this with our trips, meetups, training and workshops. Last year 20 women came together for our inaugural ‘Climb Catalunya’ trip to Spain. You can find out more about that here: What’s most exciting is that we have another trip coming up – with an exclusive member discount.

6. Save money

We are passionate about partnerships and you get all the benefits!  You will get exclusive partner discounts with us. From climbing centre concessions, to discounts on clothing and gear, we have built relationships with small independent businesses up to large internationals, to bring you a range of incredible discounts that you will love. As soon as you sign up, you will have immediate access to all these discounts, so you can save money the moment you become a member.

7. Become more motivated

Hundreds of women have loved being part of the Womenclimb experience. They tell us that it helped them to become more motivated. What we’ve found is that being a part of something bigger than ourselves helps us to become more motivated, so when you become a member of Womenclimb, you can join our Facebook groups and meet-ups to really get to know people.

8. We care….

We are driven by helping you to be the best version of yourself, whilst having minimal impact on the planet. We care about you and we care about our planet. You will get our best and we will support you to develop yourself. You can feel good about being part of an organisation that puts people before profit.

9. Feel part of something special

Womenclimb is special and you can be a part of it right now.

It has been lovingly created by someone who is passionate about people and climbing. That includes you, whatever your climbing level. This community won’t be the same without you in it. What are you waiting for?

Join Womenclimb today and get all the feel-good benefits that membership brings.

  • Carolina
    April 20, 2019 at 10:32 am

    I can identify myself with all the reasons to become a member that are explained in your website.
    I’d love to find experiences climber that look after my safety as well as I will. I’d love to find people that can support each other and have fun though.

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