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Review // Adidas Terrex Windstopper Fast Jacket

Yellow and Blue Adidas Terrex Fast Jacket

Review // Adidas Terrex Windstopper Fast Jacket


The wind-stopping capabilities. The fabric. Superb functionality.

Price:     £145

This jacket has been given an incredibly thorough test – climbing at the crag, in winter mountaineering conditions, for running, at the climbing wall and day-to-day.  It has coped very well indeed.  All * ratings out of 5

Design *****

Yellow and Blue Adidas Terrex Fast Jacket This jacket has a slightly retro feel to it, but with all the things you need in all the right places.  The pockets are a good size and in the right places.  It’s a perfect marriage of form and function.  The colour is good – a change from the tedious pinks and purples with which we women are ordinarily presented.  The new season colour is the blue/yellow combination you can see on the pictures, whereas the sample we were sent is green.   Pockets are in the right places too – with a small breast pocket big enough for a smartphone in a case and a compass.  One of the great features is a super lightweight hood which fits into the back of the collar in a zip pocket.

Fit *****

Adidas have used their Formotion technology to influence the design and shape of this jacket.  What this means for me is the fit is great and it works well in a variety of settings.  For running it isn’t too tight in any places (over the bust for example) and it also fits over a base layer comfortably (for winter mountaineering), to act as a flexible midlayer in any conditions or outerlayer in warmer and dryer conditions.  It has excellent draw string waist elastic if you need to keep the waist in place.

Functionality *****

Adidas Terrex Fast Jacket Green1This jacket is made of Gore Windstopper fabric.   During a recent Winter Mountaineering day out my regular waterproof died – the zip broke.  As a replacement all I had was this windstopper along with the Adidas Performance Waterproof jacket.  As a duo they were really good – I was quite surprised.  I would never have put these two items in my standard winter gear pack, but now I definitely would, as a back up if my other gear goes wrong.

It worked really well at wicking away the water from perspiration.  The dampness from melting snow never became a problem, because the two layers worked together keeping me virtually completely dry for the whole day.

For running, which I’m doing a bit of at the moment, it’s really good.  It keeps me warm, but amazingly, as soon as I start to heat up, the heat dissipates and I never overheat.  I’m not sure how they do it, but Adidas have created something quite groovy with this fabric.  I rate it really highly.

Durability  *****

It has been washed and worn a lot and still looks and feels as good as the day I got it.  The properties, particularly wind-stopping, remain the same and the ability to wick away moisture is excellent.

Adidas Terrex Fast Jacket Green21Value for Money ****

To look at it, the jacket doesn’t necessarily look like 145 pounds worth of gear, but having tried it out and knowing how versatile it is, I think it will last a long time, function well and look good.  My gear gets trashed quite easily as it gets a lot of use and this jacket still looks like new.

The Verdict *****

Outstandingly versatile and well-designed windstopper with wicking properties that is great for a vast array of functions.  We love it.

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