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ROCfest 5.0 2014 // Rock Over

ROCfest 5.0 2014 // Rock Over

ROCfest 5.0 2014

ROCfest 5.0 is a bouldering competition, in Manchester on Saturday 1st February 2014, designed to give everyone a chance to compete in a friendly environment.  We’re putting in some teams and we would love it if you’d join one of our teams.  So far we’ve got about six people signed up to compete, with people bouldering at grades V1 – V6, so there’s a real mix.  We’ve been promised that no-one will get 0 points!  If you’d like to join us, please email Emily: hello@womenclimb.co.uk or call me on 07870 360213.  We really can’t stress enough that this competition is for everyone.

You will be made really welcome by the Womenclimb team, even if you’ve not met us before.  It will be a great chance to get to know other women climbers in the northwest and beyond.  We are also offering one of our really groovy Womenclimb hoodies at cost price to anyone who takes part.  This will be about £20.

What Rockover has to say about the comp…

” ROCfest is a great introduction to competitions – there’s nowhere else where beginners are specifically catered for.  It’s a friendly place to come and learn about competition climbing.  We think it’s the most open, accessible and probably the biggest bouldering competition in the world! “

So how does it work?

There are a series of categories (female and male in all catergories, beginner, veteran and age categories for children).  Each category will have 25 problems chosen out of the total of 70 problems available on the day.  When you try a problem and get it first time, you get maximum points for that problem, which you make a note of on your score sheet.  You can have as many goes as you like, but your points score reduces the more times you try a problem.

Rockover logoCan I compete at ROCfest?

Yes.  This comp is designed for everyone.  There is a beginner’s category, so there’s no excuse!  There are also categories for seasoned boulderers, so there really is something for everyone, whatever your grade.

Can I enter as part of a Womenclimb team?

Yes!  We would love that.  Each team consists of up to 4 people.  We are expecting to enter at least 2 teams, so there will definitely be a space for you.  We’ve let Rockover know that we have many people entering, so we will sort out the teams on the day when we meet up to sign in.  On your registration form, just put ‘Womenclimb’ in the box that says ‘Team’.  If you want to contact us beforehand to let us know, we are hoping to organise a bespoke coaching session at Rockover prior to the event to help us to prepare.

How to use slopersIf I compete at ROCfest will people be watching?

People will be watching, but it’s likely that most competitors will be focusing more on their own performance than on your skills and technique or shortcomings.  The finals usually happen at the end of the day, so if you’re a good boulderer, be prepared for the eyes to be on you when everyone else has completed their problems.

Do I have to pay to compete at ROCfest?

Yes.  In order to pay for the competition, route setting and additional staffing, plus the amazing prize fund, competitors have to pay for entry.  It’s £15 for an early bird ticket, which rises to £18 if you’re a late entrant.  You must enter in advance, as there is a limited capacity at the venue.

Is there prize money at ROCfest?

Yes!!  You have to be in it to win it – sign up now.

What else is going on during ROCfest?

This year Rock Over have gone all out to create an event, which is an extravaganza with loads on offer on top of the comp including:

  • Slacklining show with the UK’s best slackliners
  • Climbing Film screenings
  • Raffle
  • Fun Dyno comp.
  • Professional music and lighting

Women BoulderingCan I just watch?

Yes.  There is a spectator charge of £2, but you must register in advance as spectator tickets are limited.

Has ROCfest run before?

Yes.  This is the fifth ROCfest event.  It now runs annually.  Last year Shauna Coxsey came first and Alex Puccio was second.  In previous years winners included really high profile climbers such as Leah Crane.

What if I’m nervous about entering?

It’s really normal to feel nervous about entering something new, competitive and outside of your comfort zone.  By entering as a team member with Womenclimb, you’ll be able to get the support of other women and they will be around to motivate you and help you calm your nerves.  Even if you’re not in a team, we will be there – come and say hi to us and we will try to give you some tips to stay focussed and relaxed.

Where is ROCfest being held?

It’s at Rockover Climbing, which is about ten minutes’ walk from Victoria Train station in the centre of Manchester.  You can click here to see a Google map or click here to go to the Rockover website.

Rock Over address:

‪Clarence Hatworks, ‪45 Julia Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M3 1LN

Rock Over phone number:  0161 288 1218

More questions about ROCfest 2014?

Just email us at hello@womenclimb.co.uk or comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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