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Film Review // Scaling the Whale // Shyla Lee

Film Review // Scaling the Whale // Shyla Lee

It’s tempting to think that only extraordinary athletes or ‘other people’ can get out into the mountains and enjoy what the hills have to offer.  This gentle, but inspiring short film documents a professional woman, over 30, using the hills as release from the pressures in everyday life, with work and other distractions placing increasing demands on us.  Shot very simply and taking the pace down a notch, and then some, the film’s pathos provides a great reminder of how entwined we are with busyness.

The verbal commentary by the protagonist personalises the film, making it speak directly about the choices that we might make in terms of the richness of our life.  The film presents a sort of simplicity about the choices we can make to get outdoors and enjoy the hills.  It demonstrates the limited resources that you really need to get outdoors – transport, trainers, a jacket, a map and a rucksack or small bag.

Congratulations to Shyla Lee on winning third prize in our Women in Mountain Adventure film competition 2015 with the BMC, ShAFF and Sport is Beautiful.

Scaling the Whale

We hope to run the Women in Mountain Adventure film competition again, so please sign up to our newsletter if you have been inspired and we will notify you when the competition opens again.  In the meantime, get filming.

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