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Scarpa Vapour V Rock Shoe Review

Scarpa Vapour V Rock Shoe Review


The Velcro strap design and the downturned-ness of the shoe.

Scarpa Vapour V Rock Shoe inside side view

Scarpa Vapour V Rock Shoe is a downturned climbing shoe

Would like to ….

Be able to wear them for longer periods of time!

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**Overall Rating:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 16.20.29

Value for Money

I paid about £90 for these, quite expensive but a really great quality shoe and worth the price.


The shoe is very rigid and downturned. The velcro straps hold your foot snug in the the shoe. The heel fits great and they work well for standing on tiny edges. They also accommodate bunion feet very well.


The Scarpa Vapour V features 2 velcro straps to hold your feet snug in the shoe

Comfort & Fit

These are designed to be fitted tightly so I wouldn’t wear them for a long period of time. The main problem I have is that there is some stitching in the shoe right where the knuckle of my big toe is, which resulted in a painful rubbing point the first time I wore them. It’s not really been a problem since, I think the key is to not wear them for long periods as they do also pinch my Achilles if I wear them for too long.


The Vapour V is almost true to size and a very snug fit


I have used them quite a bit sport climbing and bouldering and they still look great, edges intact and no signs of wear. They don’t seem to have stretched much either.

Underside of Vapour V climbing shoe

The rubber on the Scarpa Vapour V seems to be quite hardwearing


Really good for pocket/crimpy, steep climbing and bouldering. Not the best indoor bouldering shoes if you want to wear them for a long time and walk around the climbing center in them as they will rub your feet.

By Eve Blumson

Reviewer Eve Blumson
Standard Shoe Size

UK 4 (in trainers)

Test Shoe Brand & Name Scarpa Vapour V Womens
Test Shoe Size UK 3 2/3, EU 36.5


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