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Shino DLX Glove // Trespass // Review

Black gloves on a white background, with shiny leather palms and a tightening wrist strap

Shino DLX Glove // Trespass // Review

Love: the soft inner & general feel

What I would change: Women-specific or Slender-hand fit

Price: £65.99Womenclimb Shino Glove Trespass Review Unisex DLX

Dry hands, that luxury above all luxuries, on a day out in rainy hills.  However ‘waterproof’ any glove proclaims to be, it’s simply not possible to keep them dry when there’s a stonking great hole to shove your soggy hands into. Most gloves have been disappointing in one way or another.  I therefore went into this review experiment with very low expectations.  My review is of the Trespass Shino unisex Adult GLX Glove in size XS/S, which boasts the following features:

  • Waterproofness to 5,000mm
  • Breathability to 5,000mvp
  • Leather with Softshell Panels
  • Authentic Down
  • Insulation
  • Wrist strap

I took them out on a 6 hour walk up Great Gable in the Lake District on a mixed-weather day.  Dry in the valley, but damp from about 500 metres to the summit and back – not raining heavily, but very moist all round.


The sizing for these gloves is unisex.  I have quite big hands for a small woman, but my fairly slender fingers mean that even though they’re a super comfortable glove, they feel bulky and there is a little pinch space at the end of all the fingers. In cold weather this would allow an extra glove layer, which is a bonus.  I’d love to see these gloves one size smaller to get a really good fit without an extra layer.


The bulk of these gloves makes them very easy to get on and off.  They stayed warm in chilly conditions, with wind chill of around -2 to -5, even when they got damp.  What the photos on the Trespass website don’t show is the pull cords around the top opening.  They have a wrist strap to tighten close to the wrist, which was useful to keep the glove in place.  The pull cord around the top of the good-sized wrist gaiters, however, was even more useful, preventing excess water dripping down into the glove so much when it got very damp.  In all, these gloves stayed dry for longer than expected and they were very comfortable.  They stayed quite warm and the only time my hands got cold was when I took them off!


Womenclimb Shino Glove Trespass Review Unisex DLX

Shino Glove by Trespass

They feel and look substantial and well-made.  Despite the slight bulkiness, it’s easy to pull the toggles, which means that getting them on and off was easy and quick.  Because they’re a unisex glove, there is a little too much material and I would like them to have been a little sleeker – for example there’s a little too much leather across the palm.Design-wise, though, I like them. I think the design lends the gloves more to activities where you don’t require too much gloved dexterity.  Fiddling about with gear while climbing might be tricky.  They’re a good all round winter glove – probably most well suited to skiing, snowboarding and winter hillwalking.  It would be good to get out and try these on some mixed climbing routes to test their functionality and durability in more extreme conditions.  I have a feeling the leather would make them last really well.


At £65.99 these are a reasonable buy, able to cope in a range of activities like snowboarding/ skiing and days out in the hills in winter.


A good, easy to use multi-functional glove at a reasonable price

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