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Boreal Krypto Rock Shoe Review

Boreal Krypto Rock Shoe Review

Score for the Boreal Krypto…
Four Stars


Boreal Rock Boot side picture

My first introduction to the Boreal Krypto rock shoes was a member of staff at a climbing shop referring to them as the krapto. Despite this dizzying introduction, I tried them on and decided that the price and the good fit for my bunioned feet suited me just fine.

I’ve been wearing these rock shoes for about six months now, giving them a few runs up the wall between once and three times a week.  I climb about 6b+ on top rope and 6a leading, just to give an idea of what my climbing is like.  They seem to be fairly durable – no signs of them getting holes yet.  That is perhaps down to recently improved footwork as well.

In terms of fit, they started off being quite snug and they still fit well.  By snug I mean that my toes fit into the toe box and slightly curl down and my heel fits into the heel without any space within the heel or anywhere else in the shoe.  The fit is slightly less complete than my Evol Geshido shoes, but that is to be expected as these only have two straps, each pulling in the same direction, where the Geshido has three that alternate in direction.  The single annoying thing about the shoe is that the straps are too long – the Velcro catches on the wall and pulls the Velcro open.  I don’t really want to cut the end of the strap off for fear of the whole Velcro straps unraveling.

Shoes climbing9

My feet don’t have a large volume, but I do have bunions, so they’re fairly wide in comparison to their length.  What this means is that sometimes it’s hard to find shoes that fit, as the wide ones seem to have loads of volume or space within the shoe, so they don’t fit snugly.  These are good for this.

Evolv Geshido and Boreal Krypto Climbing ShoesThese shoes are flexible in comparison to my Evolv Geshido rock boots, but they haven’t gone baggy like my first ever pair of Mad Rock boots.  They’ve retained their shape.  I usually take them off between climbs as they’re still snug and my feet are bunioned enough!

In terms of design I like the way they look and Velcro works for me.  They look slightly less girly than other shoes and I think this is perhaps because they’re not gender specific.  I’m a bit fed up of purple for girls and cool colours for boys.  It also seems like the more aggressive shoes are less girly in colour as well as design.

All in all I really like these rock boots, which is reflected in their 4 star, almost 5 star, status – I think they’re really good value for money if you’ve got around £60 to spend on a pair of shoes and you want a shoe that is more stiff and slightly more downturned in shape than a lot of other women’s shoes on the market.

Criteria     Grade out of 5
Value for Money    4.5   (£61.75 – MCC Rock Shop)
Design    4
Comfort & Fit    3.5
Durability    4
Functionality    4

Total out of 25   



Reviewer Emily
Standard Shoe Size 5
Test Shoe Brand and Name Boreal Krypto
Test Shoe Size 4.5

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