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South Sinai Expedition 2015 // About TXC

South Sinai Expedition 2015 // About TXC

MaijuThe Expedition Consultancy – or TXC – is run by Dave and Maiju Lucas.  Maiju is the perfect role model for women wanting to step into the unknown and become an adventurous climber having only started climbing herself a few years ago. Dave has spent over 65 months on expeditions in more than 80 countries and has climbed hundreds of new routes. He has a wealth of knowledge on how to organise exciting adventures.  Although less experienced than Dave in the climbing and expedition world, Maiju is an experienced adventurer; she started extended overseas travel adventures in her teens, travelling up to eight months at a time in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and West Africa. As an independent female traveller, often not seeing any other travellers for two or three weeks, she has always been warmly welcomed by the local cultures. Maiju she is keen to encourage other women experience new cultures and is happy to give advice on how to get started on your independent global travels.

DaveMaiju and Dave have a combined total of 90 countries under their belt, and with professional and recreational interests in free diving, ultra marathons, yoga, film & TV safety, corporate event and charity projects they are a highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team. Maiju takes the lead on researching new destinations for expeditions, so if you hear if you a great idea for an amazing climbing area that nobody else seems to know about, she is your woman. Dave is the expert on planning and logistics for epic trips, so for these things, Dave is your man.

One of the key aspects that Maiju and Dave stress about their climbing expeditions is that they are designed as much for ‘not so seasoned’ climbers, who are keen to join exploratory trips to exotic corners of the world, as they are for climbers with years of experience climbing new routes the world over. Generally the most important requirement to become a member of a TXC expedition team is a thirst for adventure and a good head to react accordingly to the challenges that exploratory expeditions can throw you. Information is always available on their website, so you can see if the expedition might be for you.  
If you have any questions about their expeditions, Maiju and Dave are always happy to speak to you, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

To learn a little bit more about Maiju and Dave, you can visit the ‘Who we are’ page on their website.

South Sinai Expedition // Information

South Sinai Expedition // Why Women Only?

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