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South Sinai Expedition 2015 // TXC

South Sinai Expedition 2015 // TXC

Sinai Women Climb 20TXC invite you on expedition to south Sinai, Egypt.  This expedition, led by international Mountain Leader* Anne Arran, will take a group of adventurous women into the mountains of south Sinai to put their stamp on this emerging new climbing destination and enable women to:

  • Experience the thrill of climbing first ascents
  • Challenge mind and body with the endless bouldering problems up for grabs
  • Become immersed in the beauty of the local scenery and culture
  • Hopefully make friends for life!

Besides inviting women on a pioneering adventure, this expedition aims to show that exploratory expeditions are possible for everyone. And that includes you reading this right now!  The climbing and mainstream media might give the impression that only the top climbers are able to go on big expeditions to exotic locations around the world, but in fact everyone with a thirst for experiencing new things and enough climbing experience can go explore new areas and be part of developing new climbing hotspots.

Sinai Women Climb 11By joining this expedition you will also be contributing to the first comprehensive climbing guidebook to the area that we are writing.  All the new routes climbed on this trip will be added to the guidebook.

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Sinai Women Climb 3This 2-week expedition will take place in November 2015. After arriving at the village of St. Katherine, at the base of the biblical Mt. Sinai, we will spend the first couple of days exploring previously established routes around the village to acclimatise to our new environment. Then it will be time to load our bags onto camels and venture into the mountains with our Bedouin guides. The following nights we will spend climbing to our hearts content, sleeping under the bright stars of the Sinai desert and eating delicious traditional dishes cooked over a fire. The mountains are full of unclimbed rock as well as many established routes, so you will be able to decide how adventurous you want to be on each day by climbing your own routes or by repeating existing ones. Sinai Women Climb 22Most people visiting the area comment on how tranquil the mountains are; the magic of the south Sinai should guarantee that after our escapades we will all emerge from our adventures feeling content with our achievements. To finish in the most relaxing way possible we will head down to the bohemian town of Dahab for our last night to treat ourselves to a dinner by the Red Sea. This is the place where you can spend any extra cash you might have brought with you; we will have enough time for you to go diving in the world famous Red Sea, indulge in a massage, drink down cold beers and delicious cocktails and maybe do some souvenir shopping.

So this is your invitation to join the 2015 Sinai team of women and be part of this exciting adventure.  You can read more about this trip on the TXC website and sign up today.  

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By Maiju Lucas of TXC 

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* On first publication an error was made, stating that Anne Arran is an International Mountain Guide.  Anne is, in fact, an International Mountain leader.  We apologise for this error and have updated the article to reflect this.  You can find out all about Anne’s experience, skills and qualifications on this website.

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