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Stanage Review

Stanage Review

Stanage climbing women4Guest Post by Linda Wales: Stanage End, Peak District, UK

What I liked most: I’ve climbed here before and you get a multitude of different grades so whatever grade you’re at, however you’re feeling that day, there will be something to climb.  The other people climbing there are always friendly so you can take advice, offer advice, or just chat and there are no cliques or funny attitudes.

What could be better: nothing.  It’s great.  Really enjoy my time climbing there.

Number of climbing routes/problems available within walking distance/easy access: Bounteous    120+ routes across the whole of the Stanage range.

Stanage climbing women3

Access:  Really easy access.  Park in the car park or off road, walk up to both ends of Stanage. Takes 20-30 mins to get to either end then obviously shorter amounts of time to get to the middle sections.

Perfect for: All types of people, young/old, male/female, boulderers/trad climbers etc, and beginners/experienced/everything in between.  A complete mixture of grades from the aptly named ‘unclimbables’ for the really experienced to the really easy stuff.  There’s enough boulders for the guys and gals that enjoy bouldering only, and there’s some many trad climbing routes that even on a busy day there’s something spare to climb.  You always notice groups of people learning too which is great to see.

Stanage climbing women5Access:  Access to the crag is great; I suppose parking could always be improved as on a sunny busy day there is always problems with parking.  If you’re looking for many problems or routes then this is the place to be.  Whether you’re a novice, intermediate or experienced climber, there is something for everyone.  The Peak District is well known within the outdoors community as a great place to climb with many people moving to the area for that very reason.  I’ve seen very young children learning to climb here and I’ve seen the older more seasoned climber still climbing here so age is not a barrier.  Yesterday was a mixture of couples, families and climbing groups so whatever your situation, everyone is welcome.

Stanage climbing women6About Linda Wales

I have been rock climbing for approx 3 years now after learning to climb at the Manchester Climbing Centre.  I started off hill climbing approx 8 years ago and fancied having a go at rock climbing at which point I became addicted.  I haven’t climbed as much as I’d like due to injuries but the more I climb the more I love it.  I am also experiencing high altitude mountain climbing which is something I love.  I work as a Senior Account Manager in IT; my days are very busy so I love nothing more than to get outdoors at the weekend to experience the outdoors.  Stanage climbing women1Last year I started to learn to skydive too but have had to put that on hold for a while.  In 3 weeks I will be heading out to the Alps to do some Ice and Rock Climbing and then in August I shall be climbing Mt Elbrus in Russia via the Northern route.  In January I hope to scale Aconcagua to test myself at 7000m with the aim to climb higher in the future.  My training and plans are expressed weekly at my blog which is www.living-above-the-clouds.com

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