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Staying Fit, Staying Local

Staying Fit, Staying Local

Within the space of a few weeks our world has been turned upside down. No longer can we head out to the bouldering wall for a spot of training, nor can we jump in the car for a day out in the sun at our nearby crag. Climbing is out of bounds.

We very much hope this won’t be for much longer, but until things change, how can we keep aiming towards our climbing goals without breaching any lockdown restrictions?

It can feel like a daunting task when facing restrictions of any kind, whether that’s injury or lockdown, or something else in your life. There is no need to give up on that dream, and… Womenclimb are here to support you in any way we can. One way we can do this is to highlight different ways to train and stay fit, so that’s what this article is all about:

Get Appy

Does anyone else have a workout app gathering digital dust on their phone? Well now is the time to click back on it.

As a (new) home worker, I’ve been adding DownDog’s yoga and 7 minute work out apps to my morning routine, replacing my usual commute with a combo of lie in (great!) and training.

With the right visualisation, I'm sure this could be your sitting room?

Tea break press-ups

If you’ve already read Emily’s article on Goal Setting, you’ll know where I’m heading here.

Whilst home working has it’s downsides (lack of co-workers, paying for your own coffee…) it has its benefits too. One of these is that no one is going to look twice if you drop and bang out twenty (OK, five) press-ups whilst you wait for the kettle to boil.

Bonus points if you can look this good

And don’t ever feel guilty for this. Think of all those moments you’d normally spend on office gossip, on the extra flight of stairs you’d normally need to travel just to go to the loo or a meeting. Replace all these with micro fitness breaks.

And then treat yourself with a brew and a biscuit.

Re-think your commute

For those of you still travelling to work, firstly, THANK YOU. You are keeping the world turning, whether you’re in the NHS, Prison Service, supermarkets, delivering tonnes of home deliveries or any other key worker.

But it’s also time to think again about how you travel. How feasible would it be for you to use your own steam to get to work? The morning commute is a great way to fit in an extra bit of training into a busy schedule, so dust off those trainers and oil your bike chain. Let’s do this.

Segment Success

Going out for cardio at the moment can be a bit disheartening if you’re used to big adventurous cycles or long mountain runs with friends. In comparison, heading for a lap around the block can feel more than a little dull.

Do not fear – Strava can help you on this one. I love Strava. On the app you can find and create ‘segments’ in your neighbourhood to challenge yourself. Each time you record yourself travelling down that section, it will rank your time against all the other times you’ve done it, plus other people (if you choose to make it public).

Got a local running buddy you can’t see anymore? Challenge them to the same section too. Strava helps to build a sense of community at a time when that’s not easy to feel or connect with.

Check me out! (current overall position 3654)

Fingerboard Fantastic

If you’re after something really climbing specific (and your walls will take it), you can get yourself a fingerboard to improve your upper body and fingers for your next climb.

Check out the BMC’s article of how to fingerboard – make sure you don’t injure yourself!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, why not set it up outside and get some vital vitamin D whilst you’re at it?

Tune in to Womenclimb Online

All year long Womenclimb run activities. During lockdown these have gone online, with us running a variety of online skills and fitness sessions to keep us fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. Take a look at our EVENTS page to see exactly what’s happening for Members and Supporters. If you’d like to support Womenclimb right now, you can become a Member, which supports our running costs and gives you access to a whole year of activities.

If you have any ideas of sessions which you would like us to run, or perhaps you’d like to deliver something with us, please get in touch.

Still nothing?

If nothing here takes your fancy, well… you can always climb the walls I suppose.

Anything we’ve missed? Let us know how you’re staying rock-ready in the comments!

Please remember to obey government restrictions and don’t put yourself in any unnecessary risk that could cause further strain on our health and rescue services.

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