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Our community is kept alive with your input.   No matter what your level of experience, it’s likely that you have something useful to share in the community.  If you’d like to get more skilled at writing or to share your knowledge, skills or experience with others, then you should consider submitting an article to us.

Sending us your article or idea

Before you write & send your article think about whether your article can do any of these things in relation to climbing, bouldering, mountaineering or the outdoors:

  • Share new skills
  • Give readers new knowledge or information (including reviews)
  • Showcase an inspirational climber (Climber Bio Guidelines)
  • Tell the readers something that’s interesting, intriguing or exciting
  • Raise something specifically relevant to women climbers

These are usually the sorts of things that engage our community, so they are the sorts of things we want to see.  If you have another idea, you can submit it too.  Sometimes people ask us to share their event.  Please go to our Promote an Event page, where you will find more information.

For general information about Women Climb and what we do please see: –

Submit your article today

We will proof read, edit and format your article, which means that you can concentrate on the content, which is the most important bit.  Once you’ve written your article, you can submit it below.

The word count should be 400-1000 per article.  You can submit a series of articles if your word count goes over 1000.  There is no word count for climber bios.

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    By submitting your article you agree to free access to and use of the article as per Womenclimb policies and copyright laws. Womenclimb reserves the right to edit articles, whilst maintaining the integrity of your piece. As with any website or publication you must gain permission for copyrighted material, including images, sound and video materials. Please provide us with a copy of the permission.

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