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Submit an Inspirational Woman article

Submit an Inspirational Woman article

Thanks for your interest in submitting an article to us.  We would like to build up a repository of information about female climbers as a way of celebrating the number and diversity of women in the outdoors industry.  We need your help to do this, as we can’t do it alone.

Inspirational sculpturesWhat your article about an Inspiring Woman would ideally include:

  • Her name
  • Date of Birth (& death, if deceased)
  • Birthplace
  • Climbing specialism/s (indoor, Outdoor sport, Trad, Bouldering, Mountaineering)
  • Other sports she takes part in
  • Achievements (medals, grades, voluntary work, influence over others, first ascents)
  • Education – how did she get to where she is?
  • Her website
  • Other places to find info about her
  • Books she has written or features in
  • Team/ country representation
  • What is it about this woman, young woman or girl that inspires you?
  • Any other information you feel is pertinent

Word count //  Usually the maximum word count for an article is around 1000 words.  If your submission is very long, please split it into sections (using the bullet points above as a guide) and we will put it on the site in sections with subheadings to make it more digestible.  Thank you.

Please read our standard Submissions Guidelines before submitting.  Thank you.

Who to write about // Ordinary people can be inspirational, so if you know someone whose story you think is worth telling, then we want to hear it.  If you want to choose someone who has a high profile, then you could choose one of the following (just ideas…):

  • Lucy Creamer
  • Fran Brown
  • Sianagh Gallagher
  • Emma Twyford
  • Emily Allen
  • Ellissa Bryant
  • Shauna Coxsey
  • Leah Crane
  • Mina Leslie-Wyjastyk
  • Katherine Schirrmacher
  • Rose Dunne
  • Cathy O’Dowd
  • Molly Thomson-Smith
  • Bonita Norris
  • Elena Bunbury
  • Alex Puccio
  • Gill Peet
  • Lucinda Whittaker
  • Katie Whittaker
  • Hazel Findlay
  • Aleksandra Taistra

If you choose to write about one of these you must write in the comments box to let other know that you’re working on something, otherwise your work may not be put to the best use if there’s duplication.

All submissions as per our standard submission guidelines please.  This really helps us to keep admin work to a minimum, so that we can concentrate on organising the content and keeping the website up to date.  Thank you.

Hope that helps.  We look forward to your submission.



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