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Suntan Lotion: Review

Suntan Lotion: Review

photoIn 2011, I went to South Africa for two months (in their summer), and I knew I would be outside all day so when looking for a suntan lotion I knew I would have to get something heavy duty.  If you’re planning on

In the past I had just bought low factor lotion and reapplied it throughout the day.  On this trip I really didn’t want to risk getting burnt, so decided I would definitely need a higher factor. When searching online I couldn’t believe the cost of some of the products – up to £30.  Being on a bit of a budget meant the pricey products weren’t an option.  I found Boots ‘Once’ which was very reasonably priced.

Price:  £7.99

My Skin Type:  My skin burns if I don’t wear suntan lotion, but goes brown if I wear the right lotion.

So how did it work?  My journey in South Africa involved being out for 6-8hrs a day, in searing heat, for 44 days.  Even with sweating all day, having clothing rub and being in the African summer I never got sunburnt.  That’s a bit of a lie, I got burnt on the one occasion I forgot to put any lotion on, oops!  Obviously I can’t guarantee it’s going to be this great for everyone else, but certainly for me it worked a treat and I can’t imagine how peeved I’d be if a climbing trip was ruined due to sunburn that could have been avoided.

Enjoy this great weather!


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