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Women Climb is a group of like minded women who are passionate about climbing and all things related. We are currently run by volunteers and any revenue generated is invested back into the development and running of the website and any essential services.

There are several ways you can support us and help us continue enhancing the lives of women climbers.

Engage with us

We are always trying to provide the best content possible. We are always working on it.

It would be a great help if you told us what you think, what you like and what you don’t like so that we can provide the best possible Women Climb for you.


  • Read our blogs, let us know what you want to see more of on the blog too
  • Get involved, leave comments in the comments area and share your views
  • Join our mailing list and receive content to help you become more confident, more connected and more knowledgeable

Spread the word

The future and success of Women Climb depends on women like you knowing about Women Climb and being able to support our endeavours, so spreading the word would be very much appreciated.


  • Social media – please feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and like & share our posts
  • Please link to us from your websites, or put links in forums and in places online where you think women will benefit
  • Tell your friends about us, either tell them our domain or tell them to Google Women Climb

Buy our products

Currently we are still developing products that we can sell to generate a revenue in order to continue and grow Women Climb. You can support us financially, which will be a terrific help.


  • Buy one of our brilliant products – Join our mailing list to find out when we release them
  • Make a donation – We are always appreciative of financial help, whether it be a small donation. i.e the cost of a coffee, monthly help towards hosting or running Women Climb or a massive windfall to propel Women Climb to greater heights. ¬†Everything is appreciated.


If you are a brand or a business looking for targeted exposure in our niche then we can help. We don’t make any claims about the amount of traffic you will receive but can guarantee that your product, event or brand will be visible¬†to our audience. It will remain on our website and social media and be associated with us forever. As we are growing, this has long term benefits to you.


  • Long-term brand exposure
  • Targeted niche of Women Climbers
  • Flexible rates

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