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Fancy Footwork: How to get better

Footwork is talked about so often by climbers, but even experienced climbers often don't know where to go to improve their footwork. Today's article is all about improving footwork. If we've missed something, leave us a comment and share your experience and knowledge with us...

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La Sportiva Katana Velcro Rock Shoe // Review


Comfort and feel. They are a comfort/performance hybrid so edging is really precise but could also wear on long multi-pitch routes. The blue and green show looks great too!

Would like to see…..

Them change the women’s fit from pink to something else! Better durability in the toe

**Overall rating

Criteria Grade
Value for Money 4
Design 4
Comfort & Fit 5
Durability 3
Functionality 4
Total out of 25 20

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 16.20.29

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe Review

Score for the Evolv Elektra…Five Stars

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 3It was kind of accidental that I ended up with these boots but I’m very grateful that I did.  I had sent of my previous boot to the manufacturer due to a fault and quickly needed to buy a replacement pair but was a little short of cash.  I searched on ebay for a second hand pair of boots and these were available in one size only and unused.

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 4

Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoe Review

Score for the Evolv Geshido…Five Stars

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe4Verdict

Love: the fit

Would like to see: them available in small sizes for women to buy easily

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe1

I love these rock shoes.  These are the most recent shoes I’ve bought, which came to me by default as a colleague bought them thinking that you need to go smaller, but with the Geshido you definitely don’t! 

Boreal Krypto Rock Shoe Review

Score for the Boreal Krypto…
Four Stars


Boreal Rock Boot side picture

My first introduction to the Boreal Krypto rock shoes was a member of staff at a climbing shop referring to them as the krapto. Despite this dizzying introduction, I tried them on and decided that the price and the good fit for my bunioned feet suited me just fine.

I’ve been wearing these rock shoes for about six months now, giving them a few runs up the wall between once and three times a week.  I climb about 6b+ on top rope and 6a leading, just to give an idea of what my climbing is like.  They seem to be fairly durable – no signs of them getting holes yet.  That is perhaps down to recently improved footwork as well.