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Top tips to identify and deal with hypothermia

Ensuring you’re properly prepared is important at any time of year, but in winter it is essential to ensure a walk in the snow doesn’t lead to a miserable day or even a life threatening situation. Here’s Womenclimb’s top tips to identifying hypothermia as you head out this winter, and how to deal with it should the unfortunate happen.

What is Mountain Rescue??

If you live in an area of Britain with or near a national park the chances are you live in an area with a Mountain Rescue Team (MRT). Mountain Rescue is typically associated with areas such as the Lake District, Wales, and highlands of Scotland, but there are also teams operating in areas such as the South Pennines, Dartmoor and the Scottish borders – all providing search and rescue cover. Emily Thompson is a member of Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) and explain a bit more about what MR is and what you need to consider if you want to become and MRT member.