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Womenclimb Meetups Launch

Would you like to meet other women to climb with? Want to get better at climbing with the support of others? Is confidence an issue for you in climbing?   Womenclimb meetups launch to help you with all of these things. After running ad hoc meetups for a few years,...

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White Spider // London // Review

I have wanted to climb at the White Spider ever since I began climbing in London, but it always felt a little bit too far as it is completely on the other side of town for me. But finally, I managed to coordinate things so I could climb there on a Friday night on the way to an outdoor climbing destination. And we managed to get there on the day the gym was celebrating its anniversary...

Mile End Climbing Wall // Review // East London

Mile End Climbing Gym is my local gym, so I have spent a lot of time there and I guess I am a little biased about it, but if I'm honest it took me a while to fall in love with this place. When I first started climbing this gym seemed altogether more scary to me than the Arch, perhaps because the routes on some of the walls are taller, but now I love the climbing and the atmosphere in this place.

Mile End Climbing Wall Info Review