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The Great Trad Quest #WomenOutdoors

#WomenOutdoorsweek is here.  We've asked real women to help us by telling us what they're doing in their climbing lives.  Today we have Rosie Henstock's guide to getting better at trad climbing.  [caption id="attachment_2822" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Me and my friends having just climbed Direct Route, Glyder...

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XMOZEWMN8OWhy did you get into rock climbing?  Or, if you’ve never tried, why would you? Maybe you love being outdoors or maybe it’s an alternative to the gym and a good way to keep fit. If you reach a point when you want to climb an obscure rockface or a big wall tucked away you in a valley, will need to consult a map and have to work out how to get there. So, here are my 7 top tips for finding the crag: