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Winter Climbing Tag

#inversion Christmas Giveaway

Adventure travel company inversion are offering an incredible prize to one lucky Womenclimber - a free place on their upcoming ice climbing adventure in the stunning Pyrenees. The trip, running 19th – 23rd January 2018, led by MIC Simon Edward, includes transfers, half-board accommodation, guiding &...

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Vertical Chill Ice Climbing // Manchester // Review

I am super excited about an upcoming trip to Norway when I'll get to up my game from Scottish Winter Mountaineering and get out on easy water ice for the first time. I'm lucky to live not too far away from Vertical Chill Ice Wall in Manchester, so I headed over to learn the techniques needed for climbing ice and get some tips for the extra gear I might need.

Vertical Chill

Top tips to identify and deal with hypothermia

Ensuring you're properly prepared is important at any time of year, but in winter it is essential to ensure a walk in the snow doesn't lead to a miserable day or even a life threatening situation. Here's Womenclimb's top tips to identifying hypothermia as you head out this winter, and how to deal with it should the unfortunate happen.

What to Pack - Scottish Winter

"2016 was my first experience of the full power of Scottish winter. As a complete beginner, I headed into the mountains for some training with my friends and colleagues. To say the least I learnt a lot. And from their combined advice and experience I was taught how I should pack for a real winter."

A day out mountaineering in the beautiful hills of Scotland.

Steph Heeley talks us through her top tips of what to pack for a successful day out mountaineering in winter.

Packing for a Scottish Winter Day Out

Packing for a cold winter day in the Mountains should be split into two categories:

  1. The car
  2. The bag
Winter Mountaineering, Mixed Climbing and Ice Climbing - What's the difference?

In our efforts to give a succinct overview of Winter Climbing, we thought it would be useful to provide other short definitions as follows:


Winter Mountaineering is generally considered to be something different to Winter Climbing and to be larger in scope or scale than ‘climbing’.

Fundamentally, mountaineering most often involves summiting a mountain.  It also often refers to longer ‘classic’ lower grade routes – usually no harder than Grade II, very occasionally graded II/III.

It is usual to climb a mountaineering route with a single axe, although on the harder ones many people now carry a second tool ‘just in case’!