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Ten Great Christmas Presents for Climbers

Ten Great Christmas Presents for Climbers

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 14.49.57Over the past year I’ve made lots of friends through climbing and one of the things that accompanies friends is birthdays and buying presents.  I always leave it until the last minute and then find myself faced with the dilemma of either a) buying a substandard gift or b) spending more money than I want so my friend receives something s/he deserves.

So… I have set myself the task of finding some great gifts for climbers.  I’ve included gifts ranging from £2 up to over £400, so that you can find something within your price range:

1)  Pitch Climbing T-Shirt/ Vest //   £15-£25   

They recently supported our first ever Womenclimb Lecture and we love their T-shirts and Vests.  The colours, designs and fit are lovely. Check out their  website: www.pitchclimbing.com

 pitch climbing T-shirt image


2) Field Notes // Waterproof Notebook £7.95 // set of 3

In my experience there are very few people who don’t like notebooks.  Having a notebook makes us start to feel organised, even if we’re in the midst of life chaos.  For those of us who are outdoorsy however, this can become a minefield when it rains.  Cue, Field Notes – a pack of the cutest notebooks you’ve ever seen.  Check out my blog post Here to find out more about this lovely notebook collection.  Or click here to buy.  http://www.bureaudirect.co.uk/field-notes-the-expedition-edition-pack-of-3/p3223

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 14.42.55

3) Carabiner Mug // £6.00

A friend of mine bought me one of these about a year ago and I was absolutely ecstatic with joy – I love it.  It’s a thermal mug, so it keeps warm drinks warm for longer and cold drinks cool for longer too.  The handy handle means you can clip the mug onto you backpack if you so desire.  You can buy it here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 14.54.40

4) Iphone case // £20+

There is nothing worse than getting out on the crag and wanting to take photos from your iphone, but being foiled by the damp British weather.  This Waterproof case is one that I’ve recently invested in myself, so it’s tested.  There are, as always, downsides to have a waterproof case over your phone, but what’s great about this case is that it’s designed in a way that still allows you to use the touch screen and take photos.  I use mine all the time and I think it’s great.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 15.08.47

There is a dizzying range of other types of cover, which are outlined in the following article.  Whilst it covers only the Iphone 5, there are similar covers out there for virtually all types of smart phone:


5) GPS: // £100 – £480+

If you’re buying a present for a hardcore mountain climber or hill walker and you want to go all out for a really snazzy present, then a GPS could be just the job.  There are many on the market and what’s right for you will depend on your requirements.  Here’s a blog I found with write ups about different GPS kit.  Garmin Etrex seems to rate consistently highly, but decide for yourself from the reviews:  http://www.livefortheoutdoors.com/Gear-Reviews/left-hand-nav/GPS/

6) Girls can’t what?  Mug / Badge //  £3+

I came across this site about a week ago and found some cards and gifts not just for girl climbers, but for women who do things they probably didn’t do forty years ago.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 15.14.09

Some of the product are a bit twee, but it’s definitely worth a look: Girlscantwhat.  The story behind this brand is also truly inspiring – you can see it at the girlscantwhat website.  http://www.girlscantwhat.com/about/Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 15.14.31

7) Cheap Watch //  £10+ 

Climbing is notoriously rough on gear, due to the abrasiveness of the rock.  My best investment in terms of gear is a cheap watch I bought from Argos, which goes absolutely everywhere with me on the hills and at the crag.  So, if you’re at a total loss, then maybe the cheapest watch you can find could be a godsend for your friend or loved one!  In my experience ideally you want a watch that is digital, has a light, an alarm and is waterproof to some degree – if you’re using it for outdoors.  A stopwatch function can be useful if you’re planning any navigation, as you can time your distances.  You can pick up a cheap and really functional watch from Argos – ALERT ** THE WATCHES IN THE WOMEN’S SECTION DO NOT CUT THE MUSTARD!  Check out the Men’s watches under £19.99.  I have the Casio Men’s Sports Tide and Moon Graph Watch and rate it for withstanding the elements:

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 15.30.53

8) Climbing Rope Dog Lead //   £9-£10.50

The people at Green Peak Gear are very busy recycling all your old gear and creating beautiful products right here in the UK.  The climbing rope dog lead is perfect for any dog lover who also loves to climb.  Green Peak Gear have a whole range of great products and what’s really great is that they are supporting real people here in the UK to earn money making the products from climbing leftovers that would otherwise go to landfill.    http://greenpeakgear.org/products/

Green Peak Gear Dog Lead

9) Climber’s Keyring – Hex, Nut, Tricam // £7.95+

Let’s face it, most climbers like to talk about their passion and love.  These keyrings are super cool and are sure to be a talking point.  Buy them Here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 14.49.57

10) Womenclimb Hoodie // £30 

Fiona has been working hard on designs for our fabulous hoodies and they will be with us very soon.  Staff have got their hoodies already.  Green and Purple hoodies will be on sale at the end of November.

If you want to be the first to wear a beautiful and cool new hoodie, send us an email at hello@womenclimb.co.uk and we’ll make sure you’re in the queue and see the designs first!

Women's Climbing Symposium


Photo: Matt Ralph

Happy climbing-present hunting – let us know if you find another amazing gift for a climber.

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