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Why do people choose a Womenclimb course?

“I’ve always wanted to try a climb but not in an ultra competitive environment. I felt that a women only session would be a more supportive environment to learn how to climb.”

“I thought as it was something I was unsure of and something that I was worried I might feel a little embarrassed doing (scared of heights and not very fit) I liked the idea of doing it with other novice women who wouldn’t mind if I messed up or chickened out.

“I knew all the people participating in the session so felt totally comfortable with it and that would have been the same regardless of gender. However if I had been doing a course with people I didn’t know, I think I would have been more comfortable doing it in an all female group rather than mixed.”

We asked people ‘What did you like best about the session?’

“…The encouragement of the instructor Emily.  The confidence she made us feel in her and our ability to scale those heights!  The laid back delivery of the course relaxed me.”

“The encouragement… ‘Can you try one more step?’ Felt like I was being encouraged to test my abilities and comfort levels without feeling pressured or competitive. Emily and Beth were so relaxed and friendly, I had total trust in them when abseiling down which was really great, as this was the area I felt most worried doing. The range of things we covered… I thought we’d just climb once or twice on a small wall but we each climbed around 8 times on different walls, learnt knots and tried bouldering.”

“An immediate challenge.”

“Learning that climbing can be tackled by different people in different ways.  A feeling of exhilaration when the challenge was completed.”

“It was very friendly and accessible to all abilities.  No-one (as far as I could tell) felt self conscious and there was certainly no need for them to feel that way. There was no pressure on anyone to do anything that they didn’t feel comfortable with.”

“We were a small group so we had lots of climbing.  I was greatly encouraged. Although I had climbed once before, it was 40 years ago and I felt more nervous than I thought I would.”

“I felt very safe.”

The calmness of the whole thing – totally unexpected, but there were moments of real peace and reflection between the climbs. I felt totally safe the whole time. I liked the fact that everyone was able to do everything, but at their own pace.”

“Emily was awesome, a total professional. She instantly made me feel at ease, she was hugely encouraging but never pushy. I loved her enthusiasm & knowledge of climbing. She was incredibly patient and made the day so much fun. I was astonished at how much I achieved that day and how many fears I overcame. It was a fantastic experience and definitely one I’d repeat under Emily’s tuition.”

Unsure about giving climbing a go?

“…I never considered climbing, don’t like heights and never enjoyed excercise or sport, I nearly didn’t go on the day… I’m SO glad I did, I loved every second and would have stayed for hours longer. I felt so surprised and proud of myself when I climbed to the top, and haven’t stopped thinking about the day since. How do I book another session!?”

“Thank you to Emily for being a great instructor, calm and encouraging.”

“Emily was brilliant, great at explaining things, encouraging without bullying, extremely safety conscious, couldn’t fault her, lovely person.”

“It was a great day – I have some lovely memories of it and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

And finally:

“For me, after you screened those Women & Mountaineering films at MCC’s 10th anniversary, it gave me a new-found liking of what I have to call my figure – my legs in particular. Before that day, I would have happily given my legs to a rugby player as that’s where I believed they belonged, but seeing the legs on the majority of women in the films it was surprising to see their legs shaped much more similar to mine than I ever would have thought / believed!

While I still haven’t brought out my legs since that day (too damn cold!), it’s certainly replaced my original definition of my legs as “manly” with CLIMBER!

Siobhan S