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The Leeds Wall Review

The Leeds Wall Review

What’s the best thing about The Leeds Wall…

  • A really great place to meet people, as it’s popular with Climbing & Mountaineering Clubs
  • Lots of top rope & lead routes across a good range of grades

If we could improve one thing it would be…

The cafe needs to be open during the winter in the evening.

Leeds Wall climbing Yorkshire

Womenclimb’s grading of Leeds Wall:

  Emily T
Facilities 4/5
Café 3/5
Staff 3/5
Value for Money 3/5
Shop 4/5
Events/ Courses 3/5
Route Setting 4/5
Climbing 4/5
Total  28/40

I’ve been climbing at Leeds occasionally over the years and done a few courses too. The centre is just off the M62 on the way into the City Centre. Parking is a bit of an issue as the car park is tiny, but there’s plenty of on street car parking if you don’t mind a bit of a walk.


Once you’ve made your way upstairs to reception there’s usually a couple of members of staff around to help you out.  I had some coaching with Emma – I’ll refer to this later in the review.


The cafe has fantastic coffee and really good hearty, but healthy, food that isn’t too expensive.  If you’re going for a day of climbing, it’s perfect for a lunch break to refuel. However, I have been in the evening and the cafe has been shut, which is a bit disappointing, especially when I’ve arrived straight from work and could do with something to eat. There are also vending machines with snacks.


The shop is just off reception and has a good selection of shoes, harnesses, chalk and some clothing – a good selection. They also have a bargain box!

Courses/ Events

I’ve been on a couple of courses at Leeds Wall and had a session of private coaching – and I have to say that the quality of the courses depends very much on who you get as your instructor.

I had Emma as a private coach for a two hour session which cost £50. Emma was fantastic – not at all bothered that I wasn’t a) an elite climbing b) an experienced climber and c) was basically still a bit of a newbie wanting to get better. She gave me ideas about how to use my feet better and how to twist my body into different positions more when I climb to reach holds.

However, I have also been on a learn to lead course and the male instructor didn’t seem as interested in teaching as I’d hoped.   He definitely wasn’t supportive of my fears of falling – so much so that I only went to one session and didn’t go back for the last few sessions, even though I had paid for it.  I tried to change my course to a different instructor, but wasn’t able to.

Leeds wall facilities

Find out more about Leeds Wall courses and facilities.

Leeds Climbing Wall – Prices

Prices at the wall are similar to other walls of similar size – for example MCC in Manchester.  You can find out more about prices on the Leeds Wall website.

Route Setting and climbing

There’s a really good selection of routes with plenty of top rope and lead climbing to suit all abilities. The centre is dominated by the large overhanging lead wall.  There are plenty of lead routes on flatter walls to have a go at too, so there’s something for all styles of climbing. There is a wall that resembles real rock, which is much more like climbing outdoors.  In terms of grades, there’s a good spread here for all abilities.

The bouldering wall is a bit confusing, as the routes are less clear.  This area generally seems quieter than the other climbing areas, whenever I’ve been.

Leeds Wall in summary:

Great wall with loads of routes, cafe with tasty food and some staff who are brilliant.  Our advice: pick your instructor carefully.

Have you been to Leeds Wall?  

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