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The Source of Climbing Inspiration

The Source of Climbing Inspiration

If you’re struggling to find inspiration from people like yourself, then you’re in the right place.  We’ve got 8 places you can go for real, honest information from people who are into climbing and adventure (assuming that you want to stray away from womenclimb, that is :-))… Please let us know which one is your favourite.

League of Adventurous Women

Started in Maryland, USA, this awesome organisation began when the founder started a ‘bucket list’ adventure group for adult women.  She realised then that this was powerful stuff.  Go check them out.


The Adventure Declaration

Carmen has a life of adventure, challenge, exploration and surprise.  She wants to hear about your adventures too, so on you go….

Chicks with Picks

Chicks with picks are all about empowering women through mountain sports.  They have all sorts of events and climbing clinics in the US.  What’s awesome about their site is the blog, where you can read about other women’s stories, gear reviews and interesting stuff.

Outdoor Women’s Alliance

OWA is a super-interesting and exciting non-profit run by volunteers, who just love all things outdoors…. skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, backcountry expeditions, kayaking, rock and ice climbing, surfing, mountain biking, multi-day road cycling, standup paddleboarding, wilderness adventure races, canyoneering, coasteering, cave exploration, trail running (including ultra marathons), backpacking and more.  If those take your fancy, head over and hit the Media tab to explore everything they have to offer.

Women Climbing

Give this website a thorough scouring – it is a fantastic collection of information about the history of women in climbing.  For the nerds and the geeks among us, this is the place to get lost in a world of wondrous, strong and powerful climbers.

Women’s Mountain Collective

Started and run by Womenclimb friend Heather Swift, the WoMoCo is all about exposure of women in the media, and we don’t mean flashing our bodies!  Media doesn’t represent women in the same way as it does men.  We’re not represented in equal number and women only receive 7% of sports media coverage.  WoMoCo is on a mission to make a difference.  Head over, connect with Heather on social media

Women’s Movement

An outdoor magazine with a difference.  This online magazine is designed to help you access information that fits in with your lifestyle.  If you’re a foodie, then it’s a great source of new ideas that are healthy and fun.  Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Inspire Her

This is a cheeky side-step away from climbing.  We will leave you to explore the delights of InspireHER.

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