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Three-Stage Breathing Space

Three-Stage Breathing Space

This is the third mindfulness download by Beth Thomas for 12 Steps to Climbing Confidence.


We often are not aware of how we are really feeling.

We can spend so much time in our heads that we lose touch with our direct experience, right now.

If we don’t know how we are really feeling, it is harder for us to have the space and choice to respond to situations.

If we are aware for example that we feel tense in the neck or that our thoughts are preoccupied, we will have a better understanding of our experiences which may impact on how we respond to others and situations in the day.

An example:

This morning I have done the three stage breathing space. I noticed a pressure in my forehead that felt like it was spreading across my face. I also noticed I kept thinking about a deadline at work. I noticed I felt stressed. I was aware of these thoughts, feelings and sensations and allowed them to be there. Later in the day, a colleague asked me about the piece of work for the deadline. As I had developed a level of awareness, I was able to respond in a productive way rather than getting annoyed and feel pressured or more stressed. I responded rather than reacted.

To include mindfulness in your day..

This practice is a great way to settle and feel grounded in the present moment. You can try incorporating this practice into your day, so it becomes routine; perhaps linking it with everyday activities such as “just after I brush my teeth” or “before I get out of my car for work”.

Now perhaps listen to the audio and try incorporating it into your everyday life, if you choose.

For members of 12 Steps to Climbing Confidence, you can use Trello to share your direct experiences.

Three Stage Breathing Space – Audio

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Three Stage Breathing Space

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