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Climber Bio // Penny Harvey

Climber Bio // Penny Harvey

Do other climbers have the same doubts as me?  Climber bios are all about finding answers to some of your questions related to climbing and experience.  You can contribute here: TLC Profile Template

This week it’s Penny Harvey:

Nationality: British

Year of birth: 1991

Height: 5’4

Dress Size: 6

How old were you when you started rock climbing? 18Penny 4

I started climbing…

with Manchester climbing centres women’s club. I eventually started climbing with Manchester University Mountaineering Club and from then on I was hooked.

I learnt mostly off my friends in the climbing club. I found the climbing community very friendly in helping me to develop skills to be able to go on bigger and bigger adventures. Once I started working in the field I then had some more professional development.

I had always been drawn to climbing. Once I moved to a city with a wall I had to try it.

What problems did you have when you first began climbing, if any?

Not really any.

Penny 5Tell us about your climbing

I have tried all types of climbing. I love both trad and sport climbing. I’m not a big fan of bouldering as I have bad knees and I have seen some pretty bad injuries from people falling off problems.

I climb at my local wall twice a week and try to get outside as often as I can. I feel this has always been true of my climbing life no matter where I lived and this has taken me to some awesome places.

Why do you rock climb?

I love the sport. I get so much out of its hard to list. I love the community from climbing and how you can meet people everywhere. I also love being able to get outdoors and travel through the sport. I love that it challenges me and you can climb with people that climb higher and lower grades than you which makes it very inclusive. I think that’s what makes it unique compared to other sports.

What’s the best thing about climbing?

The best thing about climbing is going to new crags and seeing some awesome places.

Have you ever taught others to climb?

Yes. I love teaching others to climb. From helping out at my university’s climbing club to working at climbing walls to training new instructors and running outdoor days. I have the privilege of being able to pass on my passion to others.

Penny Harvey 2

What has been the most difficult thing for you during the time that you’ve been a rock climber?

Wanting to climb more than my life allows with other responsibilities etc. I want to train harder to be better and having to learn to have fun on easy grades.

What would you recommend to other people if they experience the same difficulties you’ve experienced?

Just keep climbing and don’t let your doubts hinder you.

Penny Harvey 2Do you have any health issues or disabilities? 

Bad knees

How does climbing fit in to your life?

I make it fit.

Do you have any children or caring responsibilities?


Do you work and how does this affect or link in with climbing?

I have to make climbing fit around my schedule and don’t get to climb as much as I’d like to

If you’re thinking about having a go at rock climbing Penny says…’Let’s go!!!’

Penny 3Penny’s best climbing experiences…

Sooo many. Two of my best trips have been to morocco and to the west coast of America. Both trips pushed my climbing and took me to interesting new places.

Thanks to Penny for sharing her thoughts with us.

Penny’s climbing tips that have helped her through problems & tricky times?

Breathe… Have fun. Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you.

Thank you to Penny for her contribution.  Now it’s your turn to do a TLC: TLC Profile Template


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