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Top Tips for High Altitude

Top Tips for High Altitude

Emily Thompson writes her top tips for staying as healthy and safe as possible at high altitude:Emily Alps

1. Drink lots of fluid

You need to aim to drink 4 litres a day, more if you’re at extreme altitude (over 5000m) or climbing something with lots of physical exertion.

2. Rest

Your heart rate will be increasing in order to get more oxygen around your body, so you will get breathless. You’re not unfit, just rest! Everyone is different and is affected differently.

3. Eat Regularly

It can be hard when you reach an altitude that your body decides its no longer hungry but you need to keep eating for energy.

4. Try to eat well

It can be hard to eat when you reach an altitude that your body decides it’s no longer hungry, but you need to keep eating for energy.

5. Sleep Low

Spend at least one night at an elevation below 3000 metres.

At altitudes above 3000 metres, you should not sleep more than 300-500 metres than the night before.

Every 1000 metres you should spend a second night at the same elevation.

6. Drink lots of fluid

From my own experience I know this is very hard to achieve. If you aren’t waking at least once in the night to pee you’re not drinking enough!

7. Have a buddy

Find someone in the group to share how you’re feeling. That way you can monitor one another.

Emily High Altitude

Emily trekking at High Altitude in the Alps

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