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WCS 2016 // Review // The Workshops!

WCS 2016 // Review // The Workshops!

Having reviewed a selection of talks from Women’s Climbing Symposium 2016 we set about to get women’s opinions about how the workshops went. Read on to find out about the vast range of skills that 400 women had the opportunity to develop under just one roof….

On October 8th 2016 The Depot  was utterly bursting with psyche, inspiration and motivation. We spoke a to a few women about the workshops  they attended to see what they thought.

We spoke to Eve Blumson, Manchester based boulderer, on the event:

“I really enjoy the WCS each year and can’t believe how much it has grown from only five years ago! The whole day was brilliant; interesting talks, fun workshops and very well organised. While I was lucky to have it on my doorstep this year, I met loads of women who had travelled from far and wide to attend, which is a reflection of the quality of the workshops and talks on offer and a credit to all who organise it”

Although we can’t write about every  workshop on the day we have spoken to some women about what they attended and how it helped them to set their own goals.

Workshops in action

Workshops in action

Power Endurance and Steep Climbing

Eve Blumson on the Power Endurance workshop

“I did the power endurance workshop with Eva Lopez and Michelle Forrest. Both Michelle and Eva enthusiastically imparted lots of knowledge about different types of circuit board training which can be used to develop power endurance. I am looking forward to integrating what I learnt into my training routine.”

Eva Lopez talking about Power Endurance

Eva Lopez talking about Power Endurance

Our very own Emily Thompson also attended and here’s what she had to say on the Steep Climbing workshop:

“I was excited to do this workshop as I found that I got really tired on steep routes quite quickly. It covered a range of skills to efficiently climb steeper routes, without ending pumped, using efficient footwork and straight arms so that your weight is taken on your bones and not muscles. This way you can effectively swing up to holds rather than pulling up. It also covered using toe and heel hooks on roofs and how to move along the route. I’m really looking forward to putting these skills to practice!”

Climber trying out set problems in the steep climbing workshop

Climber trying out set problems in the steep climbing workshop


Strengthening and Conditioning, Yoga and Injury Prevention

Emily on the Strengthening and Conditioning workshop

“This was a really useful session as it covered a range of exercises to build core and upper body strength in key muscles, reducing likelihood of injury and build strength. Some of the take away exercises I am keen to integrate into my training are: the dish and arch – both building core and back strength, lifting on sidebars and rings, handstands facing a wall and walking up and down the wall, and pull ups on a bar – lifting the feet to tone the core. It also included a range of stretches to activate glute muscles and hip flexors.”

The yoga workshop was also really informative but also a great way to unwind and stretch those muscles after a long day working our bodies. Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Penny Orr delivered a 45 minute flow style pratice and a Q&A session after which was really useful for understanding the benefits of combining yoga and climbing.

We felt this workshop went really well with the injury prevention talk by Siobhan Miller, physiotherapist. Those regular Womenclimb readers will know we are keen to highlight the importance of Siobhan Miller and Shauna Coxsey
this area, with a few us here having undergone various surgeries to overcome injuries. We especially like the fact that this talk didn’t just focus on things like finger taping and stretching but on the everyday little changes you can make such as adapting your posture and even breathing with more awareness!

You can read a full review about the talks in  Zoe Muffett’s review here.

Thanks to WCS for giving yet another year of high quality coaching and inspiration. We are already looking forward to next year!

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