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WCS 2013 // Yoga, Physio, Inspiration

WCS 2013 // Yoga, Physio, Inspiration

004There’s a certain irony about going to a women’s anything when you have stomach cramps and all you want is to be fed chocolate.  Entering a room full of friendly sporty women with a passion for climbing was just the start of a day designed to uplift, excite and inspire climbers from 14 – 70+.  The day started with a talk on the history of women climbers by Angela Soper.  I managed to get a sneaky photo of Angela climbing – if you think you’re too old for climbing, think again.  Back in the day, these amazing women were climbing in skirts and hobnailed boots!  More about Angela here.

Yoga, Physio and Climbing:

Being a climber and Yogi myself Charlie Speller’s session on Yoga for Climbers was a not-to-be-missed opportunity.  In one hour Charlie pushed us to address our climbing fears, to try out ‘turbo dog’ for shoulder strength, to warm up our fingers properly and to stretch our rotator cuffs.  I had a feeling we were lucky Charlie only had an hour or we’d have been in real trouble.  For me yoga has been a great way to improve my strength and flexibility.  The event reinforced this and showed me new ways to use yoga.  I encourage you to find a yoga instructor who can help you progress as a climber and give it a go.


Photo: Thanks to Matt Ralph

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