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What is… Kettlercise

What is… Kettlercise

kettlerciseKettlercise is a fat burning, body toning intense kettlebell workout session of around 45minutes to an hour. There are 37 x minute-long kettlebell excercises which are easy to follow and done alongside stimulating music with a dynamic and fun instructor demonstrating the exercises at the front of the class.  Kettlercise is a specific brand of kettlebell class, so the instructor will need to be officially recognised (and trained), with the workouts structured and developed according to the Kettlercise program, for maximum results.

If I had to choose only one other activity to do apart from climbing it would be this – it’s my “supplement” to climbing.  It works all major muscle groups and my strength increased greatly within the first month of starting the workouts.  Above all it’s really fun and you can challenge yourself no matter what level of fitness you are.  The weights range between 2-8kg, so you can start light if you are not sure or perhaps if you have an injury, but want to maintain fitness.

Kettlercise for climbing1 I can attribute my good level of core fitness to it, as well as balance and flexibility.  As it is a form of dynamic weights it is a great fat-burning tool and, alongside a balanced diet, should produced the right result if that’s what you’re looking for.

Kettlercise for climbing21I attend Kettlercise with Becky Maughan (Love Fitness MCR) on Tuesday evenings at Parrs Wood in Didsbury, Manchester.  What keeps me going back to this class is Becky’s energy and positive attitude.  Having the right instructor really helps; Becky is a fantastic, strong and fun motivator.  She always has a smile on her face (even when full of the cold!) and will gently direct your movements if you might be doing a certain move wrong.  She maintains her casual approach whilst being the professional fitness expert you would want when handling this type of equipment.  The high spirits and relaxed atmosphere means that there is no “seriousness” that you sometimes get in exercise classes.

I am probably addicted as I get withdrawal symtoms if I don’t go!  Luckily I own my own Kettlebell so if I do miss a week I can throw about some iron at home in an attempt to get the same buzz from it – but it’s never the same at home as going to the class!  I seriously recommend finding a Kettlercise class near you and just giving it a go.



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