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What is the women’s climbing symposium?

What is the women’s climbing symposium?

Sign up now for the UK’s best climbing event just for women designed to bring together everyday women who climb with the UK’s top female climbing professionals  – coaches, nutritionists, celebrities, physiotherapists, trainers, speakers, and much more.  Saturday September 27th sees the return of the now annual Women’s Climbing Symposium.  The first event was in 2011 and each year it travels to a different venue around the UK – The climbing Hangar in Liverpool, The Arch in London and, this year, The Climbing Academy in Glasgow.  Essentially it’s about sharing the passion and the love of climbing, whether you’re just starting out climbing or an old hand.

004The focus of the 2014 event is focused on helping us all to identify goals and put together a plan to work towards those goals; this is as well as the over-arching aims to motivate and inspire us to try out new things.  The WCS organisers have really learnt from previous years and the 2014 programme demonstrates that they understand what different women want from a climbing day at the WCS.  Whatever your aim, and whether you’re a beginner or experienced climber, the WCS hopes to be able to give you the grounding you need to progress.

What’s on at the Women’s Climbing Symposium?

The Women’s Climbing Symposium Programme comprises:

Talks & Presentations:  

2014 Talks are likely to include: Getting Outdoors, Planning a Climbing Trip, Movement Masterclass, The Impact of Psychology on Performance, The Making of a Climbing Documentary, Climbing Trad Outdoors, Winning Gold in the World Cup and others.


Women’s Climbing Symposium 2014 boasts four different workshops from which you can choose two to take part in on the day, plus yoga:

  • Training and Motivation
  • Brain Training
  • Confidence on the wall
  • Game Time

The coaches are all professional, highly regarded climbers, who each have a different focus and area of expertise:  Katherine Schirrmacher, Leah Crane, Ellie Howard, Emma Twyford, Suz Dudink, Lucinda Hughes, Naomi Buys and Natalie Berry!

Fancy it, but don’t know anyone else going?

Womenclimb are offering a ‘Meet & Greet’ service at WCS 2014.  Emily & Beth (find out more about them here) are both coming to the Symposium and will be there early to meet you if you feel anxious or shy about going on your own.  You can email beforehand to say hello and let us know you’re planning on coming, or you can just come and see us on the day.  You REALLY can’t miss us – neon yellow hoodies and yellow Womenclimb vests!!!


How much is the Women’s Climbing Symposium?

In 2014 the cost of a full inclusive ticket is £60, with a ‘Talks Only’ ticket costing £40.  Here at Womenclimb there has been a lot of discussion about the prices – essentially, it seems quite expensive, but let’s break it down a bit:

1)  If you were going on a conference with your job for a day, the cost would be somewhere between £150-250, so in contrast this is REALLY good value.

2)  Similarly, if you consider that it costs around £10 to get yourself to a cinema these days, it’s only equivalent of about 6 trips to the cinema and, although the cinema is great, you get a whole lot more from your trip to the WCS!

3)  What you get for the full inclusive ticket price of £60 is 7 hours of input.  This includes two hours of coaching.  At most climbing centres, coaching costs between £25 – £40 per hour, and that’s with your standard everyday coach, not with the UK’s best climbers, so if you just go for the coaching then you’re already getting a pretty good deal.

4)  We think that women at every level of society generally get a bum deal when compared to their male equivalents.  Women’s work, in particular, is just not valued in the same way as men’s work – either by women or by men – and we think this needs to change.  We’ve happily paid full price for our tickets to the WCS, because we value the expertise, experience, skills and commitment of the women who run it and who are a part of it.  We don’t think women should have to work for free.

5)  The women coaching at the Symposium every year are among the very best that Britain has to offer.   They’re worth every penny.

Who organises the Women’s Climbing Symposium?

The Women’s Climbing Symposium was started by Shauna Coxsey and Steph Meysner.  Shauna was the World No. 3 boulderer at the time and Steph a Director at The Climbing Hangar.  They have aspirations for the event and rightly so.  It’s unique and in demand.  Each year has been a sell-out, even during tough economic times, evidence that women want to get together, climb, share stories and seek & give motivation to others.  The event has hosted some of the highest fliers of the climbing world including Angela Soper, former Pinnacle Club president and climber at age 72, Rebecca Dent, Team GB climbing & Sports nutritionist, Katherine Schirrmacher, highly experienced Climbing Coach & former GB team member.




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