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What you gain from contributing

Most people who contribute to Women Climb want to share their experiences, skills or knowledge with other climbers, as they recognise that our community of climbers is supportive and skilled.

Women Climb is run by volunteers and any revenue generated is invested back into the development and running of the website and any essential services, so when you contribute, it is voluntary and unpaid.

There are some things, other than money, which you might get from making a contribution:

A platform for your writing

Womenclimb is viewed across the world on the internet and through many social media channels. If you contribute an article, we will add information about you and a link to your website, if you have one. If you contribute more than five articles we will give you your own page in the Meet the Team section of the website, where you can tell readers all about yourself, with a picture.


Writing for us will give you an opportunity to meet the needs of a discerning audience. We have very high expectations from our contributors, so smashing out articles is unlikely to reap rewards. High standards of content and delivery are expected.


We want to support women to achieve their goals and this includes when they’re writing for us. We will try our best to work with you to help and support you in your writing. This might mean that if you have dyslexia we spell check for you or help to structure an article with you. It might mean that we give your article special attention on our social media to give you a boost and recognise your effort in helping us.

Free Stuff

Very occasionally brands will send us products to review. We want to ensure that reviews are done by the people best qualified to do it. So, for example, we recently send a pair of Adidas approach shoes to Sarah Morton for review, as Emily, Emma and Beth had the wrong sized feet and weren’t undertaking much outdoor climbing at the time. Sarah was busy doing lots of outdoor work in Scotland and in the alps, so she was the most appropriate person to review the shoes. A note of caution; if you write for us just to get free stuff, you may be disappointed. We generally review kit that we have purchased ourselves and only receive a handful of items a year to review.

So, if you want to share and support the community and you have an article to submit, go to our submissions page and get started now.  If you’re not sure or for general information about Women Climb and what we do please see: –