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What’s happening at Womenclimb?

What’s happening at Womenclimb?

Emily // Womenclimb is my passion.  I want to do it right.  Whatever right is.  I want it to be the best – the best information, the best content and the best place for women who climb, because I think that women deserve the best and I don’t think they get it anywhere else.   Womenclimb has got a long way to go – there are so many dreams that I have for this site and for women in the climbing world and beyond.  At present, I am the only person working on Womenclimb fully, so the dreams are evolving slowly.

This week I made a boo boo.  I triple booked myself with my job, with my mountaineering club and with the film screening at Manchester Climbing Centre.  I have had to cancel the film event, because my paid work is a commitment that cannot be changed.  It pained me to do this and to admit that I am neither superhuman nor invincible.  I still need to eat, sleep, wash my clothes, cook for my daughter, read emails and do all the other life things that make things tick over.  Over the past few months I’ve had the following, amongst other things:  the pleasure of becoming a first time plumber (changing a kitchen tap myself when the plumber didn’t turn up), being without a car for weeks with a 1.5hr commute to work on public transport, some fabulous, but extremely tiring artwork with children in a special needs school in addition to full time work and also a thyroid operation that took me out for a couple of weeks.  I’m certainly not moaning about these things, but, if you’re wondering why some plates have been dropped by Womenclimb over the past few months, these are some of the reasons why.

Looking forwards, the future for Womenclimb is so bright.  The feedback that I receive, even when plates are dropping, is very positive.  As things progress over the next few months I hope to be in a position to be able to ask people for more help and to be able to manage other people’s contributions in a way that really rewards their input into Womenclimb and showcases women’s talents, in writing, editing, photography, film-making & climbing.

If you feel you could make a contribution to Womenclimb, please will you comment below, saying what you feel you could/would like to contribute.  When it comes to a time when I can effectively co-ordinate contributions I can come back to this article and make contact with you.

Thank you.


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