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What’s your story?

What’s your story?

When I was growing up, the only child of a single mum, in a council house in leafy Midlands suburbia, I was asked who inspired me. No names ever came to mind and it took me until my 30’s to find people who I truly admired, respected and whose qualities I wanted to emulate. The first of those people was Gwen Moffat. Next came Cathy O’Dowd. We connected on Twitter and then I read her book – it blew my mind. She wrote with strength and passion, and she was a real person who had worked hard to carve out her own niche. Since then, many people have joined my list of inspiring role models: Lynn Robinson – President of the BMC, Cressida Allwood – adventurer & academic, Adele Doran – academic and climber, Simon Crossland – business adviser, mentor & mountaineer.

The thing that unifies this group of people is that, first and foremost, these individuals are not celebrities; they are real human beings. They aren’t perfect and they aren’t super human. They are working through their life challenges just like you and me; putting one foot in front of the other and making small steps that inspire and influence those around them in ways that sometimes they may never find out about. Thinking about this has made me realise that if they can do this, then so can we in our own ways. You can be the small changes that you want to see in the world. You can inspire others by getting up and doing what you are passionate about, working through your challenges and by opening your world and talking to others about what you’re doing.

Will you join me?

Now is a great time to share. In a few weeks we will be holding a ‘Stories’ night, where people like you will share a story of something inspiring, fun, brave or exciting that you’ve done. It might be learning a new skill or trying out something you never thought you would do. We are asking you to be part of that. I would love to hear from you if you are willing to share something from your life, to give our community a different perspective or hope in uncertain times – email me now: hello@womenclimb.co.uk.

With love & compassion,

Emily Pitts
Womenclimb Founder & CEO

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