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Who is Angela Soper?

Who is Angela Soper?

Angela Soper Climber 1Angela Soper is a stalwart of the climbing community.  She was President of the Pinnacle Club when I was only three years old (1981) and she has inspired a whole generation of UK women climbers through her mixture of consistent climbing spanning a period of 50 years and her work acting as a centre point and bringing women together to climb harder.

Most recently she has been rewarded for her commitment to climbing by being named as an Honorary Member of the BMC alongside Gwen Moffat.

Angela still climbs.  Regularly.  At the age of 50 she won her first climbing competition.  It’s a salutary lesson to those of us aged under 40 who sometimes feel there’s no chance of winning a competition.  Now at the age of 74 Angela remains a tenacious climber.  At the Women’s Climbing Symposium 2013 she gave a talk about the history of women’s climbing, an underexposed subject in the history of climbing.

We’re hoping to meet Angela for an interview in the future, but in the meantime, the BMC has an interesting thirty-page e-magazine, written by Katherine Schirrmacher, on the subject of inspirational British women climbers.  Angela features alongside Leah Crane, Lou Wilkinson, Sionghan Coughlan and more.  Enjoy.

BMC: Inspirational Women Climbers E-publication

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  • John Harrison
    January 23, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Could you please pass along my congratulations to Angela Soper on her election as an Honorary Member of the BMC. I was a class-mate of Angela’s, graduating also in 1964.
    Best regards,
    John Harrison

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